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Fortinet Teleworker Solutions for Business Continuity


Working remotely can be a benefit, but sometimes it is a matter of keeping the business running. In circumstances where working in the office is not an option, business continuity planning needs to include plans on how to enable the entire workforce to work remotely.  The Fortinet Teleworker Solution can be deployed to a small set of workers or to the entire workforce if the need requires.

Fortinet Teleworker Solutions enable organizations to support several models of remote access for their workforce. Starting with the general user use case, this solution shows how to maintain the connectivity and identity verification while users are connecting to the office and cloud-based applications across public and unsecured networks. With power users, Fortinet Teleworker Solutions enable a persistent connection for users that heavily access sensitive data and application. For super users, this solution outlines how to provide the highest levels of security for executives or those with elevated credentials.  

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What Are the Teleworker Solutions?

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Fortinet Teleworker Solutions support organizations that need remote workforce solutions at scale. While general users, power users, and super users have different means of connecting back to the office, the key to supporting safe and security connectivity is having the hardware processing power necessary to support all the encrypted tunnels coming back to the office.  With FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), organizations have the power they need. While FortiGates come in many sizes, the custom, dedicated security ASIC’s inside can support tunnels for all users. A FortiGate NGFW sized for supporting normal business activities in the office will have the capacity to support encrypted tunnels when those employees need to connect from a location away from the office.

Using the FortiClient endpoint Fabric Agent on a laptop or phone, users can create the encrypted tunnel for safe connections across the internet. With FortiToken, they are able to provide identity verification with two-factor authentication (2FA) via hardware tokens or an application on their mobile phone. Coupled with the security and management that is part of normal operations, employees can work remotely, staying safe and productive. 


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Key Capabilities

Hardware acceleration

FortiGate NGFWs have dedicated, security ASIC chips that provide the power to support hundreds of thousands of VPN tunnels.

Security across the internet

FortiClient Fabric Agent is a free VPN client that provides the IPsec or SSL VPN tunnel to securely connect back to the office even when using public and unsafe networks to get there.

Identity verification

With remote access, organizations should insist on more than just a user name and password for access to critical information and applications. 2FA via FortiToken defeats the problem of stolen or weak passwords, preventing hackers from validating credentials and entering the network.

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How Can You Benefit from Fortinet?


Connect at scale

Massive encryption capabilities supports a large workforce connecting remotely.
Visibility Management

 Connect safely

Connect with confidence from any location, across any network.
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Connect approved users

Know with confidence who is connecting via 2FA, requiring a second level of verification.