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Secure and Control Internal Networks with Firewall

Monitor and control outgoing and incoming network traffic and defend against sophisticated threats from outside world 

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Why comprehensive threat protection is critical for Organizations?

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As networks become more hybrid in nature and interconnected, accomplishing consistent policy enforcement and threat protection becomes even more challenging for Organizations. With Distributed enterprises adopting Direct internet access at the branch locations, the attack surface at the edge continues to increase making it harder to enforce consistent security posture.

Keeping Your Business Up (Why Chose Fortinet)?

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FortiGate Firewall is available as a hardware appliance, as an NFV for on-premises deployments and is also available as a virtual appliance in AWS, VMWare Cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, and Alibaba Marketplaces. A Firewall enables stateful inspection by monitoring complete life-cycle of connection based on state, protocol and ports to allow or block traffic to protect against both internal and external risks. Fortigate Firewalls help accomplish consistent security across hybrid networks while delivering high performance powered by purpose-built ASICs.

“More than half of malware is now encrypted. With FortiGate, activating SSL/TLS inspection does not impact performance.”
- Erik Nordquist, Sr. Product Manager, TPx Communications
“We deployed Fortinet around seven years ago, initially just as primary firewalls. We then gradually expanded our use of Fortinet offerings throughout all our five campuses to the point in which they now protect our whole network”.
- Nick Elder, Chief Information Officer, Southern Institute of Technology

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Key Capabilities

Stateful Inspection

Full stateful inspection based on state, protocol, and port to block or allow traffic.

End-to-End visibility

Gain comprehensive visibility from Egde, Datacenter to Cloud with Fortigate availability in different form factors from hardware, virtual and major public clouds

Centralized Management & Analytics

Single-pane-of-glass management, visibility and analytics across all edges

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How Can You Benefit from Fortinet?

Reduce Attack Surface

Secure Direct Internet Access from Branches to protect from external risks

Meet Compliance Standards

Meet compliance and regulatory standards including PCI DSS, HIPPA, and GDPR

Simplify Operations 

Simplify policy enforcement with gain end-to-end with best-in-class centralized management