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面向 IT 專業人員的技術培訓


Building a Cybersecurity Workforce for Free



*Since the beginning of 2020

Cybersecurity professionals, IT professionals and teleworkers can take advantage of Fortinet’s complete self-paced curriculum of cybersecurity training courses at no cost. Courses cover everything from basic cybersecurity awareness training to advanced training on security-driven networking, adaptive cloud security, AI-driven security operations and zero-trust network access.   

Free Technical Training for IT Professionals

NSE 4 to 6 training covers the skills and knowledge to deploy, configure, operate, and troubleshoot different Fortinet products.

Free Advanced Training for Security Professionals

Provide unparalleled protection and visibility to every segment, device, and appliance on your network, whether virtual, in the cloud, or on-premise.

Free Awareness Training for Teleworkers

Educate yourself on proper security protocols to keep yourself and your company’s network safe.


免費課程包括支援安全驅動型網絡、自適應雲端安全性、AI 驅動的安全作業和零信任網絡存取的所有課程。完成這些課程將幫助網路安全專業人員保護其網路,抵禦不斷變化的各種威脅。


還可以透過我們其中一家Fortinet 轉銷商授權培訓中心(ATC)購買自學課程中的按需實驗室。


                       Labs Available to Purchase Through
NSE Level Course Title Reseller or ATC Credit Card
Technical Training
NSE 4 FortiGate Security
FortiGate Infrastructure
NSE 5 FortiAnalyzer
FortiClient EMS  
NSE 6 FortiADC
FortiMail Coming soon
FortiSOAR Administrator  
Secure Wireless LAN Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
Securing Azure with FortiCloud Security Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
Securing AWS with FortiCloud Security Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
FortiSwitch Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
Advanced Training
NSE 7 Enterprise Firewall
Advanced Analytics  
Advanced Threat Protection  
OT Security  
FortiSOAR Design & Development  
Secure Access Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
Public Cloud Security Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
NSE 8 NSE 8 Immersion Lab only through Instructor-led Training  

Other Training

FortiGate Essentials
FortiSIEM Parser  
FortiGate 7000 Series Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
Private Cloud Security Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
FortiPortal Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
FortiDDoS Recording Only  
FortiInsight Recording Only  
FortiMonitor Recording Only  
FortiWLC Recording Only  
Go-Cloud Recording Only  
FortiGuard Labs Web Application Security Lab only through Instructor-led Training  
Security Operations Lab only through Instructor-led Training  


對於對自學之外的培訓選項感興趣的人,Fortinet 在全球的授權培訓中心 (ATC)  和 Fortinet  轉銷商網路可以提供各種形式的 Fortinet 培訓,包括講師指導的即時虛擬培訓。

The Pathway from Cybersecurity Courses to Careers

Fortinet Education Pathways create a career map to help navigate through the Training Institute learning. The pathways help individuals align the training they are taking with NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Work Roles. This helps learners understand how the courses they are taking today can increase experience and seniority for a current role, plan for career advancement, or make the jump into cybersecurity.

Start planning your pathway today:

Security-Driven Networking Zero Trust Access Security Operations Adaptive Cloud Security Operational Technology
Security-Driven Networking
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 5 |
Zero Trust Access
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 5 |
NSE 6 | NSE 7
Security Operations
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 5 |
Adaptive Cloud Security
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 6 |
Operational Technology
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 5 |
NSE 6 | NSE 7


nse security training

Free Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Everyone

Fortinet also has two no-cost non-technical courses targeted towards everyone who uses a computer or mobile device – from teleworkers to their families. We highly encourage people to take some time to educate themselves about proper security protocols to keep their home and organization networks, and personal information safe.

Start your training with NSE 1 and NSE 2.




Fortinet NSE Training Qualifies for (ISC)² Credit

Fortinet is part of the (ISC)² CPE Submitter Program, a Continuing Professional Education credit program. Learners can now earn one credit for every hour of training they do with Fortinet. The credits go towards maintaining the individual’s CISSP credentials.

Valid Fortinet training includes the above mentioned NSE free training and all other courses, fast tracks, webinars or other educational sessions.

ICS CPE Submitter

Domain of Information Security Qualified for CPE Credits

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Asset Security
  • Security Architectures and Engineering
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations

Information Security Awareness and Training Service

Educate your workforce about today’s cyber threats, such as phishing, social engineering, and ransomware attacks, and how to protect against them.

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from Fortinet’s turnkey information security awareness and training service. You can be up and running in days with this service, developed in alignment with NIST guidelines: NIST 800-50 and NIST 800-16.


The Cybersecurity Learning Hub

Free learning for individuals to develop their security knowledge and learn about careers in cybersecurity.

A collaboration between Fortinet, the World Economic Forum, Salesforce and the Global Cyber Alliance.


Enabling Remote Work at Scale

Maintain secure business continuity through broad, integrated, and automated Fortinet Teleworker Solutions.