FortiCare Advanced Services for Service Providers delivers integrated support to sustain and optimize Fortinet appliances for communications and managed security providers. Incident resolution is enhanced by engagement with the Advanced Services team, experts in security technologies deployed in typical service provider environments. This scalable service has two levels that provide a comprehensive set of services to help customers achieve their IT business continuity objectives:

  • Select service delivers support excellence through fast-track access to technical experts. It also includes training and certification, a customized account plan, and a designated service delivery manager (SDM) who will build business-level relationships, driving the established objectives, as well as measuring and reporting on service quality.
  • Elite service includes a designated lead engineer, who collaborates with you to build and maintain a long-term technical engagement using customer knowledge to enhance service delivery. The lead engineer will provide best practice guidance, upgrade assistance to facilitate upgrade planning, and advanced notifications of critical incidents. The SDM will assure service delivery and act as the voice of the customer within Fortinet support and service teams.