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ETSI NFV Framework Integration

Fortinet VNFs Integration with MANO and NFVI

ETSI NFV Architecture: Key Enabler for 5G Next-Generation Core and Services

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) NFV (Network Function Virtualization) framework and architecture is a key enabling technology for the deployment, management, and orchestration of virtual infrastructure (compute, storage, networking) and the networking services on top of it.

NFV is a key enabler of the coming 5G infrastructure, helping to virtualize all the various appliances and services in the network, including security, from the Radio Access Network (RAN) to the NG-Core and beyond. NFV will empower new innovative services, such as network slicing and mobile edge computing. Network slicing is a virtual network architecture that allows multiple virtual networks to be created atop a shared physical infrastructure. Mobile edge computing enables the hosting of applications in 5G access networks. This is a must-have to support many applications and use cases, especially as far as low latency and bandwidth efficiency are concerned. In general, NFV will play a major role in many aspects of the distributed cloud nature of 5G and security NFVs, like all other NFVs, must integrate within the NFV architecture.

Fortinet NFV Integration

The diagram below outlines Fortinet's security VNFs integration within the ETSI NFV architecture:


Fortinet has a proven track record of NFV NFVI and management and orchestration (MANO) integration in multiple production networks and PoCs with platforms from Amdocs, Ciena’s Blue Planet, HPE, Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco, VMware, more.

Fortinet - An Active ETSI Member

Fortinet ensures true interoperability and customer choice by participating in all ETSI plug tests, advanced demos, and proof of concepts (PoCs) to lead the way in full automation of security services. Fortinet is an active member of the ETSI NFV Security Working Group and Chair of the Security as a Service (SECaaS) group at Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF). Fortinet demonstrated commercial VNF deployment in an SFC/NSH environment in a joint ETSI-OPNVNF test.

Fortinet is part of the first ETSI Zero-touch Network and Service Management Industry Specification Group PoC, highlighting automation and integration with Forinet's VNF to deliver one-click, zero-touch security services.