To keep up with the volume, sophistication, and speed of today’s cyber threats, you need AI-driven security operations that can function at machine speed. Our Security Operations portfolio provides advanced threat detection and response capabilities, centralized security monitoring, and automation across the entire Fortinet Security Fabric.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Fortinet utilizes many types of artificial intelligence in various locations for faster and stronger defense. Threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs, inline security controls deployed throughout the organization, and centralized advanced threat detection and response in the SOC combine to deliver comprehensive protection from even the newest threats.

Close All Gaps


In addition to covering the breadth of the attack surface, AI-driven Security Operations inspects along the whole cyber kill chain. From earliest stage reconnaissance and weaponization, all the way through to the cybercriminal’s ultimate action on objectives. In this manner, organizations use the sophistication of multi-stage cyber-campaigns against their operators, gaining multiple opportunities to identify the attack in progress before harm is done.




Security Fabric analytics and automation


Use Cases

Fortinet AI-Driven Security Operations solutions speed security operations with artificial intelligence to reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Endpoint Security

Combining behavior-based endpoint protection, detection, and response offers a modern approach to endpoint security. Fortinet uses multiple machine-learning and deep-learning technologies to power all three functions at each endpoint.


Advanced Threat Protection

Fortinet provides a range of behavior-based detection and response capabilities that include and go beyond the endpoint. Sandbox analysis, network detection and response, deception, user and entity behavior analytics, and more, work as integrated extensions of inline security controls to thwart cyberattacks.

SOC Platform

Designed to meet the needs of organizations of varying sizes and security maturity, a range of security options provide centralized visibility, analytics, and control across the security infrastructure.


Consolidated Visibility and Control Across the Security Fabric

Forrester - 採用進階技術的中心安全性
開創新課程 - 整體威脅觀

開創新課程 - 整體威脅觀

Rock the SOC 101 - Building an Aware, Scalable, and Actionable Security Operations Center

Rock the SOC 101 - Building an Aware, Scalable, and Actionable Security Operations Center

Evolving Enterprise Security Operations - For Adaptive Visibility, Focus, and Action

Evolving Enterprise Security Operations - For Adaptive Visibility, Focus, and Action


Fortinet 安全營運解決方案


企業網路正在經歷網路環境的演變,隨著行動技術的出現,從集中式控制演變為分佈式網路,現在又隨著虛擬和雲端解決方案的快速應用變得沒有邊界。為了監測風險,企業同時擁有網路營運中心 (NOC) 和安全營運中心 (SOC),但它們不會關聯或整合其收集的資訊。但如果 SOC 和 NOC 可以分享資訊,它們就能夠更快地發現威脅並開始實施補救措施。


Fortinet Security Operations Solution


我們的安全營運解決方案同時涵蓋整個企業範圍內的 IT 和安全風險管理,包括既有和將來的基礎設施。Fortinet 安全產品已經合併到具有單一作業系統和共用情報的 Security Fabric 中,而安全營運解決方案包含了來自 Fortinet 裝置之外的網路元素的資訊。它打破了 NOC 與 SOC 之間的屏障,為您提供整個網路的全局檢視畫面,以便迅速找到威脅並作出回應。它還有助於管理和監視合規、提高應用程式可用性並節省 IT 資源。

Fortinet 安全營運解決方案提供:

  • 對威脅形勢的自適應感知能力
  • 迅速的本機和全局威脅偵測,以實現快速回應
  • 在管理大量警示和警報上複雜性更低
  • 綜合且更全面的風險管理方法
  • 使 IT、業務經理、高階主管和董事會成員能更好地理解如何管理組織風險概況的報告和分析。


Security teams globally are challenged by resource constraints, both in terms of staff numbers and raw security talent. Security teams are increasingly being asked to do more, often with more complex networks and growing numbers of alerts from multiple systems. 

Fortinet Security Operations Solution

Find out how the Fortinet Security Operations Solution takes a holistic approach, providing full visibility to enable rapid detection and remediation of threats throughout your network.




You can successfully allay these challenges by implementing three best practices:

  • Demand simplified configuration management, shortening deployment time and mitigating misconfiguration caused by human error.
  • Build your environment for a single monitoring point, creating a big-picture perspective that focuses on the real priorities.
  • Implement next-level analysis to cut through the noise and leverage your security expertise.

These security operations best practices are embodied in the Fortinet management solution: FortiAnalyzer, FortiCloud, FortiManager, and FortiSIEM.


Fortinet 安全營運解決方案的關鍵元件:

Management & Analytics products enable efficient administration, visibility, and insight into the entire Security Fabric.

The Management & Analytics Solution includes:


FortiSIEM 提供專有的可執行分析,交叉關聯 NOC 和 SOC 資料以嚴密管理網路安全性、效能及合規性,另外還具有透過自我探索連接到網路的元素的自適應感知能力,所有功能均透過單一面板提供。





FortiAnalyzer + FortiGuard 入侵指示器

FortiAnalyzer 可收集、分析和關聯來自 Fortinet 防火牆的記錄資料以提高可視性並加強安全警示資訊。與 FortiGuard 入侵指示器 (IOC) 服務結合後,它還可針對被入侵的主機提供優先級清單,以便快速採取行動。





FortiManager 透過單一面板提供對整個擴展型企業的管理,深入透視全網的流量和 威脅 並管理原則。它具備用於克制進階威脅的功能,以及業內領先的可擴展性,最多可管理 100,000 台 Fortinet 裝置。




透過 Fortinet Security Fabric 獲得端到端保護

我們針對安全問題從架構上採取措施,在整個協作式 Security Fabric 內整合我們的裝置與單一作業系統。Fortinet Security Fabric 專為將各種安全解決方案與統一的框架聯繫起來而設計,讓組織能夠動態地調整其不斷演變的 IT 基礎設施,並捍衛瞬息萬變的攻擊面。Fortinet 的安全營運解決方案透過從 Fortinet 產品系列之外的網路元素引入內容,擴大 Security Fabric 的範圍。


Fortinet 安全營運解決方案包括: