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Protect Users and Data by Securing the #1 Cyberattack Vector 

Q4 2017 Advanced Threat Defense Certification Testing Report
Mapping The Ransomware Landscape

Mapping The Ransomware Landscape

How to Close Security Gaps to Stop Ransomware and Other Threats

How to Close Security Gaps to Stop Ransomware and Other Threats

NSS Labs BPS Test Report FortiSandbox, FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiClient

NSS Labs BPS Test Report FortiSandbox, FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiClient


Email Security


Email is still a critical tool for businesses. But it’s also a preferred delivery method for ransomware, phishing, and compromise attacks in 2017. According to the 2017 Verizon DBIR report 66% of installed malware was delivered via email.

Industry analysts warn that advanced threats are easily bypassing the traditional signature- and reputation-based prevention mechanisms. They recommend replacing incumbent secure email gateways with a product tailored for advanced threat defense. It can also consolidate email infrastructure, such as data loss protection (DLP) and encryption.



Fortinet Email Security prevents threats from reaching the end user, protects sensitive data from inadvertent loss, and helps comply with corporate and regulatory requirements. The FortiMail Secure Email Gateway includes:

  • Consistently demonstrated 99%+ anti-spam effectiveness
  • Top-rated anti-malware protection (including sandboxing and content disarm capabilities)
  • Robust DLP features, including predefined dictionaries, identifiers, and digital fingerprinting
  • Identity-based encryption to securely deliver messages containing sensitive data
  • Integrated email archiving to meet legal and regulatory retention requirements

FortiMail routinely undergoes independent testing, earning consistent accolades such as:

  • ICSA Advanced Threat Defense for Email Certification
  • NSS Labs Recommended Breach Prevention
  • Virus Bulletin VBSpam+ rating

FortiMail is a complete solution available on-premises as a physical or virtual appliance, as well as in the cloud as a hosted service or on-demand offering in AWS or Microsoft Azure.

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Fortinet Email Security integrates with the Security Fabric to help cover the broad digital attack surface. Together with FortiSandbox, it ensures that protections are updated in response to the full lifecycle of attacks that start with an email.

Fortinet ATP

The Fortinet Email Security Solution includes:

Protection from Traditional Threats and Data Loss

Protection from Advanced Threats

Consolidated View of the Entire Security Posture