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FortiMail Cloud

Top-rated email security to stop threats and protect data

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FortiMail Cloud delivers comprehensive email security to protect your employees and data from cyberattacks. It provides the industry’s most independently validated security effectiveness. Delivered as a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, it is easy to enable and requires minimal ongoing management—most of which can be easily extended to end users.


Learn about FortiMail, and how it works to protect your critical data from being compromised in a breach.

cloud based protection with FortiMail Cloud

Cloud-based Protection

Ensure increasingly cloud-based email platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite only deliver safe and appropriate messages. 

protect against cyber threats

Protect Against Cyber Threats

Prevent employees from installing malicious attachments, following phishing links, or falling prey to email fraud that could result in financial loss or tarnish brand reputation.

Integrated data protection

Integrated Data Protection

Avoid email breaches by inspecting outgoing email for sensitive information and automatically quarantining or encrypting those messages.


Easy to Deploy

Get set up in just a few easy steps—no need for a costly onsite configuration service. Once it is up and running, administration is minimal.

Reduce TCO

FortiMail-Cloud delivers the cost-savings associated with a cloud-based pricing model, offered as a simple annual, per usage charge.

Top-Rated Protection

FortiMail is consistently tested by third parties, including Virus Bulletin, ICSA Labs, SE Labs, and NSS Labs, and earns top marks for effectiveness. 

Connecting your FortiGate to FortiMail Cloud has never been so easy!


Change your mail to route messages to FortiMail.


Begin with default security settings or customize.


Schedule the timing of end-user digests or reports.

FortiMail Cloud Gateway Offerings

FortiMail Cloud Standard Premium
Inbound/outbound inspection    
TLS encryption    
Central management/reporting    
Advanced threat detection (CDR, click protect, sandboxing)    
DLP identifiers and templates    
Identity-based encryption    
Get a Sample Email Risk Assessment Report

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FortiMail Cloud Use Cases

Secure Office 365 email. FortiMail Cloud ensures small businesses can realize the benefits of reducing day-to-day administration of email infrastructure by migrating to Microsoft Office 365 yet maintaining strong protection against the latest email threats like ransomware, phishing and business email compromise.  And as a similar SaaS security service there is nothing to deploy and maintain.    

FortiMail Cloud Use Case to secure Office 365 email

Increase email protection. It can be challenging for smaller organizations, and their legacy email security controls, to keep pace with a constantly evolving email threat landscape.  Reduce the amount of unwanted spam as well as malicious phishing,  ransomware and other email threats that can compromise critical employee devices and customer data. FortiMail delivers easy-to-manage email security that is continually updated to keep pace with evolving cyberattacks.   The expanded Cyber Threat Assessment Program is a simple way to assess your current email risk exposure.

Meet compliance. With the range of data privacy regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS and GDPR, as well as established best business practice, it’s important to ensure email communications are not improperly transmitting sensitive information. FortiMail Cloud makes it easy to identify various types of data, enforce corporate policies on data transmission and even educate end users about proper information handling.