FortiExtender Cloud

A hosted service to manage your FortiExtender appliances

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Deploy, manage, and optimize your LTE modem network with an easy-to-use, browser-based FortiExtender Cloud. This hosted service enables the management of an unlimited number of FortiExtender appliances from anywhere you can connect to the internet. With both free and paid service levels, FortiExtender Cloud offers inventory management, device configuration, carrier data consumption, and more for devices that can be spread around the country or world.   

FortiExtender Cloud provides a simplified means of managing a network of FortiExtender appliances. From a browser, you can bulk provision a large number of FortiExtender appliances and they will appear in your account. You can then configure them with templates for speed and accuracy. Using the intuitive interface, you can manage your inventory of devices, including the carrier plans. The FortiExtender appliance supports dual SIM cards for multi-connection or multi-carrier support, and FortiExtender Cloud lets you manage those data plans. See how each device is consuming data and set automatic switching rules to optimize connection spend. With multi-tenancy support, you can service several customers, giving them visibility to their portion of your network while you retain visibility and control across all your customers. Historical logs, charts, and graphs are stored for up to a year for a searchable database of insight.    

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Visibility that Matters

Manage all your devices no matter where they are in the world.

fortigate cloud reporting

Actionable Reports

Analyze, manage, and configure your devices, drilling down for greater detail.

fortigate cloud interface

One Interface for All

Designed for multi-tenancy to support MSSP deployments.

Connecting your FortiExtender to FortiExtender Cloud has never been so easy!


Speak to a Fortinet sales representative or authorized reseller    


Purchase a license for the number of devices to be managed    


Log into FortinetOne and enter your license number into your account

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A hosted service for managing FortiExtender appliances from a browser.

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FortiExtender Cloud Offerings

FortiExtender Analytics & Management Free Service *Subscription
Traffic and application visibility    
Hosted log retention 7 Days 1 Year
Cloud provisioning    
Predefined reports    
Customized log retention    
Customized reports    
Config Management    

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