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Next Generation Security for Azure Workloads

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Fortinet and Azure Solution Brief

Fortinet and Azure Solution Brief

On-demand cloud security for Microsoft Azure


Fortinet Solutions for Microsoft Azure

More and more enterprises are turning to Microsoft Azure to extend internal data centers and take advantage of the elasticity of the public cloud. While Azure secures the infrastructure, you are responsible for protecting everything you put in it. Fortinet virtual appliances offer comprehensive security for your Azure workloads including firewall, security gateway, intrusion prevention, and web application security.

Using Fortinet on Azure gives you the same powerful security controls of our industry-leading hardware devices as well as:

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Flexible billing integration: bring-your-own-license (BYOL) and on-demand

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Centralized management across your data center and public cloud deployments

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Advanced high-availability failover for undisrupted secure cloud services

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APIs for automation and orchestration with cloud and SDN extensions

Azure Solution Architectures

Configuring secured DMZs on Azure


  • Move public resources to the cloud
  • Take advantage of MS optimal placement of web resources
  • Maintain security with full NGFW/IPS solution


  • Layer 3 / Layer 4 ACLs
  • FortiGuard powered IPS and Application Controls
  • IPSec and SSL VPNs

Making private networks in the public cloud


  • Not limited to your DMZ services
  • Reduce/Eliminate Local DCs
  • Leverage cost benefit of Cloud


  • Layer 3/Layer 4 ACLs
  • FortiGuard powered IPS and Application Controls
  • IPSec and SSL VPNs

Configuring multi-tiered DMZs on Azure


  • Enhance DMZ security
  • Isolated cloud networks


  • Manipulate VNET design and Access with UDRs and NSGs
  • Provide full isolation with multi-NIC VM Servers in first Tier
  • Secondary

Sneak peak - autoscale


  • Scale automatically up and down per demand
  • Provide redundancy


  • Azure AutoScale (in Preview)
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • FortiGate Load Balancer

Born in the cloud


  • No physical IT equipment invested on premises
  • Leverage cost benefits of hourly billing
  • Compliance regulations and policy enforcement


  • Full enterprise-class security
  • FortiGate NGFW/UTM
  • FortiWeb WAF
  • FortiOS 5.4

Globally resilient performance optimization


  • Provide local access for customers
  • Reduce latency
  • Provide redundancy like a Fortune 10


  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • FortiMail for Office 365
  • FortiGate HA
  • FortiWeb


Get these Fortinet security solutions directly from the Azure Marketplace:

FortiGate Enterprise-Grade Firewall

Quickly provision a FortiGate next-generation firewall  through Microsoft Test Drive, on-demand or BYOL with features including:

  • IPS and application control
  • Web filtering
  • Antivirus
  • ATP
  • Mobile security
  • Antispam

Azure Marketplace: Single VM

Azure Marketplace: High-Availability

FortiManager Centralized Management

FortiManager security management appliances centrally manage any number of Fortinet network security devices. Network administrators can better control their networks by logically grouping devices into administrative domains (ADOMs), efficiently applying policies, and distributing content security/firmware updates.

Azure Marketplace

FortiWeb Web Application Firewall

FortiWeb protects web-based applications and Office 365 from external threats including the OWASP Top 10 and the most sophisticated attacks.

Azure Marketplace

FortiMail Secure Email Gateway

FortiMail is a complete Secure Email Gateway platform suitable for any size organization on Azure. It provides an enterprise solution to protect against inbound threats and data loss with a wide range of top-rated security capabilities.

Azure Marketplace

FortiAnalyzer Security Analysis

FortiAnalyzer network security logging, analytics, and reporting appliances securely aggregate log data from Fortinet security appliances.

Azure Marketplace