Fortinet Customers and Partners emphasize the value-proposition of FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls in Gartner Peer Insights Reviews for Network Firewalls.

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls offer flexible deployments from the network edge to the core, data center, internal segments, and to multiple clouds, leveraging purpose-built security processors (SPUs) that deliver high performance of advanced security services like threat protection, SSL inspection, IPS without fearing degradation for mission-critical environments. FortiGate NGFW provide seamless integration with multiple clouds and allow secure delivery of business applications and services.

FortiGate NGFW provides automated and full visibility into all internal segments, applications, and network flows to detect and remediate any malware and pave the way for consistent security policies irrespective of the location of assets. FortiGate NGFW was the first vendor to offer the support for the latest standard of encryption called TLS 1.3 that provides a stronger security framework and make Fortinet customers future ready.

FortiGate NGFW has received 6th consecutive “Recommended” rating in NSS Labs 2019 NGFW Group Test and continue to earn positive feedback from users on Gartner Peer Insights.

Here is what some of our customers had to say about FortiGate NGFW.


“Great Product That Is Full Of Features With An Intuitive UI”

“Great product that is full of features with an intuitive UI. It is a one stop shop for most of our perimeter security needs.”

– CIO, Finance

“Rule Creation And Assignation Is Very Simple, You'll Love NGFW And The Ease Of Use”

“Fortigate NGFW has enough features to enable any company with the latest technology. It can be used for many purposes, and the integration with the ecosystem is fantastic. NGFW also allows you to create and customize policies based on roles, locations, and departments. Your system administrators will love the easy to use of this tool.”

– Analyst, Healthcare

“If You Deploy And Install It, Immediately Forget About Intrusions And Attack Attempts”

“Fortinet is undoubtedly synonymous with success, stability, solidity and quality. Since we implemented the Fortigate solutions in the company with an NGFW scenario (i.e. new generation firewall) we immediately appreciated all that this firewall had more to offer than the previous one, navigation and management of individual rules (or even massively ) is very orderly and intuitive, the performances are truly amazing compared to the cost of the individual devices, they have an excellent failover protocol and they natively support the active-active mode of the high availability feature so as to perform autonomously and transparently load balancing the load.”

– Head Of Cybersecurity, Services

“Comprehensive And Stable Product For Protection”

“This product provides comprehensive protection from web filtering to Data Lake with good performance. Its deployment process is so easy and less source usage is one of the best features. You can define rules fast and run the scenarios. We can say that this product is very stable.”

– Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing

“Best Protection Against Advanced Threats !!”

“Fortigate provides best protection against Advanced threats, we have been using fortigate very long time as our primary Perimeter firewall, which works fine for us, helps to connect all our branch network with head-office. Also provides us with secure-remote access facility via VPN connections. implementation is not much hard, i think our team completed with in two hours time. lot of great features are there. Real time traffic monitoring are VPN client creation are really helpful for any type of organizations. Very user friendly interface. not difficult for beginners also. overall our experience with fortigate is very good.”

– Consultant, Finance

“Fortinet Has Done The Job, ROI Has Come True For Our Investment And With Lower Opex”

“Fortinet solution has been a great platform for our IT security, branches communication, network segmentation and VPN administration.”

– IT Manager, Finance

“Fortigate NG Firewall, very good for use in Education Sector K1-12 based on my experience”

“Easy to deploy and migration, Firewall rule is not messy if compare to the previous product i ever use such as iptable. GUI management is simple, easy to undestand i spend only 3hour to setup the same scenario to my previous firewall. one more thing, its very very stable, i can run one month without reboot at all.

– CTO, Education

“Very useful NGFW solution”

“It's very easy to use, installation and operation. Totally web based GUI meets your needs. If you need some detailed configuration you can use CLI over web page or SSH connection. Configuration pages responds quickly. You can use firewall, IPS, antivirus, web filtering, DNS filtering, application filtering and HTTPS inspection features easily.”

– Network & Security Engineer, Finance

“A complete and versatile security platform and carrier class expertise by Fortinet”

“Fortinet provides a broad set of security solution that ranges from state of the art UTM firewall to managed secure wifi and OTP services, this allowed us to implement quickly new services, leveraging devices already deployed in our network infrastructure. Moreover, availability of feature parity virtual appliances enable smooth transition towards SDN/NFV transformation.”

– Senior Data Network Designer, Communications

“Firewall implementation with analyzer”

“get visibility into your firewall rules and optimise them to get the best out of your firewall. Automate firewall rule administration and perform in depth impact analysis.”

– Manager, Communications

“A Well Built Solution For The Protection Of Any Organization”

“Best experience we have had with a firewall was with FortiGate. It provides countless, important features from simplest ones, such as Anti Virus, web filtering, to more advanced features, such as Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP). As a firewall it can provide protection from the internet as well as among different different networks. It has few pricing options that covers all the different size organizations and has an efficient 24 hour support crew to solve any issue that the customer might face. To list some of the popular features of this famous firewall, it provides virtual private network (VPN) capability, network access controlling, identification and notification while accessing or downloading potentially harmful, complete control over the network traffic based on applications or users, anti spam, SSL inspection, DNS filtering, intrusion prevention and provides a comprehensive overview of the network traffic.”

– Analyst, Services

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