Management FAQs

Does FortiManager manage FortiAnalyzer? 

Yes. This is the recommended deployment, actually. When FortiManager is managing FortiAnalyzer, all FortiAnalyzer interface tiles come up alongside FortiManager tiles, enabling all workflows.    

Should I go with FortiManager or FortiCloud?    

FortiCloud is a cloud-based service that streamlines deployment, management and reporting for FortiGate and Unified Access products. It is a simple solution that provides the basics of management and configuration. FortiManager (and FortiAnalyzer) is the full-featured central management solution for Fortinet products. Advanced configurations, workflows and reporting (through FortiAnalyzer) are available here. Your organization’s needs will dictate whether a simplified cloud service or full-featured appliance (hardware or virtual) that you manage is a better fit.    

If I only have a few FortiGates, do I need central management?      

While all FortiGate configurations can be done locally, the time saved managing elements of or a complete central policy is a strong benefit in going with FortiManager. FortiAnalyzer greatly extends reporting and analysis capabilities for FortiGate both in breadth by combining data from multiple FortiGates into a single perspective, as well as in depth with much longer reporting horizons and advanced features found in Event Manager and the FortiGuard IOC service.