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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB): FortiCASB

Visibility and Control for SaaS Applications

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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB): FortiCASB
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如今,為了提高靈活性和節約開支,組織越來越傾向於使用軟體即服務 (SaaS) 應用程式,但他們卻發現沒有獲得所需的可視性和控制。FortiCASB 是一項原生雲端的雲端存取安全代理程式 (CASB) 訂購服務,旨在為組織使用的雲端服務實現可視性,確保合規性與資料安全,並提供威脅防護。

FortiOS 7.2 的新功能

FortiGuard 內聯 CASB 安全服務是 FortiOS 7.2 的新功能,可保護組織使用的 SaaS 應用程式,對 SaaS 存取、使用和資料提供廣泛的可視性和精細控制。FortiGate NGFW 的這項服務與 FortiClient Fabric Agent 整合,可進行內聯 ZTNA 流量監測和 ZTNA 狀態檢查。


FortiCASB Models and Specifications

FortiCASB centrally manages data stored in SaaS and public cloud applications through a hosted service offering that spans both on-network and remote user access. 

If you are an existing customer, you can directly access the service.

FortiCASB 的完整工作演示展示了客戶可以如何獲得對其關鍵 SaaS 應用程式的更佳可視性與控制;包括經批准和未經批准的應用程式(或影子 IT),以保護寶貴的資料、防範威脅並符合合規目標。立即註冊。



FortiCASB Product Details

With support for major SaaS service providers, Fortinet's CASB Security provides insights into resources, users, behaviors, and data stored in the cloud with comprehensive reporting tools.

Features and Benefits

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Direct access to data stored in the cloud for on-network and remote protection
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Compliance and DLP

Customizable data loss prevention tools and predefined compliance reporting options
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User Insights and Policies

Usage, entitlement, and configuration assessments provide visibility and control for cloud applications
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Security Fabric Integration

Integrations with FortiGuard AV(antivirus) services scans stored data and protects from the latest threats
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Shadow IT Discovery

Consolidated reporting for FortiGate and FortiAnalyzer to detect on-network SaaS usage
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Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive and easy-to-use visual tools quickly identify risks and policy violations

Featured Applications

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