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FortiNAC 演示

The surge in deployment of IoT devices requires advanced network security. Specifically, network operators need to be able to identify every user and device that connects to the network and then grant or limit network access appropriately. Furthermore, the network needs constant supervision to ensure ongoing safe operation with automated responses to threats as they are detected.  Network Sentry from Fortinet can provide those capabilities so that network operators can confidently know who and what is on their network. Come and see how Network Sentry can provide visibility, control, and response for your network.


透過此完整工作展示,您可以探索 FortiNAC 的眾多功能。

FortiNAC<br />
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IoT 裝置部署的激增需要更進階的網路防護。具體而言,網路運營商需要能夠識別連接到網路的每個使用者和裝置,然後適當授予或限制網路存取權限。此外,網路需要持續監控,以確保持續安全運作,並在偵測到威脅時自動回應威脅。 Fortinet 的 FortiNAC 可以提供這些功能,以便網路營運商能夠自信地瞭解其網路中的人員和內容。快來瞭解 FortiNAC 如何為您的網路提供可視性、控制和回應。