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Ubiquity Management

Fiber Provider Grows with Emphasis on Security

“We look to Fortinet for protecting our core network from our own users, as well as protecting us from external threats. And, we get updates all the time from Fortinet that I would have never known existed if it were not for our relationship.”

– Ken Carter, Vice President, Ubiquity Management


Ubiquity Management is an infrastructure investment firm focused on building fiber optic networks across the U.S. The company needed to address its network security — including with networks acquired in acquisitions—to protect business and residential networks.

The business uses Fortinet solutions to address security, core networking, and switching requirements on one unified platform. One important benefit for Ubiquity Management is the single interface that simplifies delivering on its service level agreements (SLAs).


Converged Networking and Security

“We chose Fortinet because of the convergence in networking and security. It is our routing platform, as well as our security platform, as well as our switching platform. It allows us to manage the entire network with a single interface. That is huge.”

– Ken Carter, Vice President, Ubiquity Management


Business Impact


Easy Set Up

Single interface helps company deliver on SLAs

coverage icon

Helps manage risk from network users

defense icon

Protects against external threats

icon benefits reduce complicity

Simplifies security and network management

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