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Canadian managed security services provider (MSSP) Stratejm is a proponent of the benefits of implementing a strategy based on detection and response to address today’s threats. Founded in 2013, and located in Mississauga, Ontario, the company developed Canada’s first Security-as-a-Service platform to enable North American customers to proactively manage cyber security risks in an intuitive, structured and cost-effective manner.

Menezes saw the opportunity to create an agile set of cloud-based services that could be scaled and configured to accommodate the dynamic needs of his customers. He and his team architected a framework based on identifying a highly flexible security incident and event management (SIEM) solution capable of delivering a rich feature set across a diverse selection of client environments.  Read this case study to learn how Stratejm customers benefit from FortiSIEM’s ability to span information technology (IT) and the control systems found in operational technology (OT) domains.    

Business Impact


icon benefits reduce complicity

Reduces complexity and resource requirements, accelerates integration and time to value

Visibility Protection

Provides dynamic, context rich views of IT & OT environments

cloud ready icon

Facilitates cloud-based ‘consumption’ delivery model

flexible icon

Enables rapid onboarding of new clients

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