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Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland

“NAC has eliminated our internal guest access challenges, while providing a great user experience. We are very pleased with the product and installation.”

Christian Cundall, Head of Messaging Services, Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland


Salvation Army UK & Republic of Ireland, part of the Salvation Army international charitable organization, has 50,000 members, 4,000 employees and 1,500 Salvation Army officers spread over hundreds of locations. The organization found that it was spending too much time manually creating and assigning individual guest access for more than 100 of these locations.

As they searched for solutions, Fortinet’s NAC (network access control) solution quickly surpassed competitors due to its unique multiple portal functionality. Learn how the Salvation Army automated guest network access and expanded BYOD usage in this case study.    

Business Impact


Icon automation

An automated wireless provisioning process that places devices on the appropriate network with the proper level of access

icon benefits management

Unified mobile and guest access experiences for 100+ locations

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Significant reduction in IT time spent on provisioning access

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Increased network and endpoint security while expanding BYOD program

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