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Lexmark Cuts WAN Costs in Half While Shoring up Its Global Security

“We cut our WAN connectivity costs in half. We are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by navigating away from MPLS.”

– Tony Arcuri, Security Architect, Lexmark


For enterprises in more than 170 countries, Lexmark is synonymous with printers and other office equipment. Heavily dependent on access to its manufacturing supply chain and globally distributed offices, Lexmark turned to FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs). Evolving from edge protection to a key security component in Lexmark’s new corporate WAN strategy, the FortiGate NGFWs have helped the company slash its connectivity costs. Meanwhile, customers and IT staff alike are doing more with their technology and worrying less about it.

Learn how Lexmark is leveraging FortiGate NGFWs and FortiAnalyzer as part of a hybrid multi-cloud architecture in this case study.

Business Impact


icon wireless fortinet ips

Minimized risk that ransomware or other cyber threat will be successful

icon benefits management

Minimal staff time required to maintain security infrastructure across multiple locations around the world

reduce cash icon

WAN connectivity costs cut in half vs. prior MPLS solution

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Improved security on technology products developed internally and deployed to Lexmark customers

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