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Law Enforcement Technology Provider Bolsters Security and Improves Productivity for Diverse Customer Base

“I am now able to have a complete, holistic view of our security posture at a glance. Our security operations have moved from reactive to proactive.”

—Director of IT


A systems integrator providing sophisticated technology solutions for law enforcement agencies, this company previously protected its infrastructure with a firewall solution that provided limited coverage and to which it was expensive to add features. Eight years ago, the company migrated to FortiGate next-generation firewalls, which included all the features they needed in a single box. Since then, the company has installed FortiGate at many customer sites, and began installing instances of FortiGate VM earlier this year for customers using a cloud-based infrastructure. They correlate and analyze log data from all of their customer sites using FortiAnalyzer VM.

This company has accumulated many benefits from the Fortinet solution over the years. A particular pain point with the old solution was setting up VPN tunnels, and the team now sees a 99% improvement in the time to complete that task. They are on track to save customers 16 weeks of waiting time this year. The company also saves 20 hours per month in reviewing log pulls, and can now do full monitoring rather than log checks. The solution saves specific customers a lot of money in infrastructure costs as well.

Learn more about this company’s journey, which details its first deployment of Fortinet technology at headquarters and at customer sites by reading the case study.

Business Impact


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99% improvement in time required to set up a VPN tunnel

Icon automation

16 weeks of reduced customer waiting time for VPN tunnels annually

Visibility Protection

20 hours per month saved in reviewing log pulls, while achieving a more comprehensive view

reduce cash icon

30% cost savings for one customer by moving to the cloud, enabled by FortiGate VM

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No performance degradation from SSL/TLS encryption

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Flexibility of security solution enables new product offerings for customers

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