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Isavia Airport

“We wanted a solution that would enable us to know what was connecting to our networks and shutting us down.”

Axel Einarsson, Information Technologies Manager,
Isavia Airport


Headquartered at Reykjavík Airport, Isavia is the national aviation authority for Iceland, dedicated to ensuring that flight operations are safe, secure and in accordance with international standards.

Isavia is growing quickly, with a projected 17 million annual travelers by 2030. Many devices connect to the airport’s network daily and as that number grows network managers need to know who is connecting, from where and how much access they have. Isavia chose Network Access Control (NAC) as a solution to their security concerns.

Learn about how Isavia gained greater network control from implementing a NAC solution in this case study.    

Business Impact


monitoring icon

Provides a real-time view of network activity at all facilities

icon benefits secure authentication

Ensures only authorized devices can connect

Icon automation

Automatically places devices on the correct VLAN on predefined policies

defense icon

Blocks unauthorized devices before they can connect to the network

clock icon

Saves time via plug and play provisioning

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