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Jolted by Ransomware Attack, Infrastructural Service Provider Emerges Strengthened With Insight and Improved Security Posture

The company derived both immediate and long-term value from FortiGuard Incident Response (IR) Services. Rapid containment of the attack limited the impact on the company’s revenues and reputation. Root-cause analysis and best-practices education have helped improve its security posture.


As an infrastructural services provider to large enterprises, this European company did its best to secure its customers’ data and the access to it. But it took only one unscrupulous user clicking on an email to allow attackers to exfiltrate and ransom multiple gigabytes of the company’s data. With help from FortiGuard Incident Response Services, the services provider swiftly stemmed the exfiltration. They learned the root causes of the attack. And they gained insight into processes, technology, and training that would prevent its recurrence.

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