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"FortiGate gives us transparent visibility across our entire hybrid architecture, both the on-premises data center and the AWS cloud."

Daniel Caldwell, Director of Engineering, AmigoCloud


A U.S. government agency engaged AmigoCloud to deploy its robust geospatial analysis platform at its site to support highly sensitive intelligence projects. The team elected to protect that infrastructure with two FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) configured in high-availability mode. Security requirements meant that the AmigoCloud team could not access any electronic resources during deployment, so they prototyped the complete setup in the company’s lab and created extensive written documentation for the project before going onsite. 

The deployment went smoothly, and the FortiGate NGFWs are performing extremely well at the government agency. As a result of the experience, AmigoCloud decided to re-architect its hybrid cloud environment using Fortinet products and services. While this upgrade is ongoing, the company is already realizing significant business value in the form of operational efficiencies, cost avoidance, and high availability.

Learn more about AmigoCloud’s journey by reading the case study, which details the company’s deployment of Fortinet security at a U.S. government agency, and later for its internal systems.

Business Impact


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15 hours in staff time per month saved due to dynamic DNS configuration

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15 hours in staff time per month saved due to more efficient alert handling

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Thousands of dollars in avoided capital spending using a GPU subsystem

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Ability to meet strict SLA for resolving system outages

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Improved availability from 98.90% to 99.99%

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