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East Noble School Corporation

“Because we now have a plug-and-play security architecture that evolves with our attack surface and integrates our different security elements into a single pane of glass, we have a much more proactive security approach.”

– Rick Williams, Network Administrator, East Noble School Corporation


East Noble School Corporation is a public school district that serves more than 3,700 students on 8 campuses in eastern Noble County, Indiana. This rural district is known for embracing cutting-edge technology. Over the past four years, they steadily deployed a comprehensive set of Fortinet solutions, starting with a FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and adding elements such as application control, VPN, endpoint security, secure Ethernet switches, and wireless access points. Today, East Noble’s IT security architecture has been fully integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, monitored and controlled from a single pane of glass.

This year, East Noble is also testing and planning to deploy FortiRecorder to record and analyze security camera footage and will deploy FortiCams where needed. The district is excited about facial recognition and water leak detection technologies, as well as future weapons detection features, and pioneering new school safety technologies.

Learn more about East Noble’s story in the case study about their journey toward the Security Fabric approach and their new initiative in campus safety.    

Business Impact


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Increased wireless bandwidth up to 1,000% at most locations

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Reduced wireless network costs by 35%

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Saved 30 hours/month in security monitoring, network traffic management, and resolving helpdesk tickets

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Improved school safety through enhanced monitoring

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