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Virus Bulletin (VB)

Overview, Goals, and Scope


The VBSpam certification is awarded to products that successfully detect and accurately process spam, newsletters, malicious, and non-malicious email to “provide a unique insight into the performance of the world's leading spam-filtering technologies.” Separately, the VB100 certification—testing of anti-malware capabilities--is “awarded to products that meet the basic standards required to be recognized as legitimate and properly functioning anti-malware solutions.”

In testing conducted in September 2021, Fortinet FortiMail had a spam catch rate of 99.8%, earning a VBSpam+ certification. Fortinet FortiClient detected 100% of malware, earning the VB100 certified status.


The purpose of Virus Bulletin VBSpam and VB100 testing is to inform IT and IT security decision-makers with insights into the effectiveness of spam filtering (associated with email) and anti-malware solutions (present on Windows endpoints) available in the marketplace today.

Fortinet participates in and consecutively earns Virus Bulletin’s VBSpam and VB100 certifications. Tests are performed quarterly and bi-monthly, respectively.


  • FortiMail (VBSpam)
  • FortiClient (VB100)

Key Principles


Validated protection against advanced threats including malware and spam.


Extremely high efficacy in detection of malware.


High accuracy in detection of spam and malicious emails.

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