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SE Labs (Email Security Services Protection)

Overview, Goals, and Scope


SE Labs tested a range of email protection services from well-known vendors to judge which were the most effective. Each service was exposed to the same threats. These were a mixture of targeted attacks using well-established techniques and real-world attacks in the wild at test time.

Fortinet earned a AAA rating with 90% total accuracy, which put it in high standing compared to other offerings in the market.


SE Labs testing is intended to gauge the effectiveness of today’s email security solutions in detecting malicious emails (malicious content, attachments, and links) and accurately handling both malicious and legitimate emails. The results indicate how effectively the services were at detecting and/or protecting against threats in real time. This test is the most comprehensive comparison of vendor solutions available today.


  • FortiMail

Key Principles


Validated protection against advanced phishing and targeted attacks


Enterprise-grade detection of email-based threats


High accuracy in handling of malicious and legitimate messages, attachments, and links


Click here to download the SE Labs Email Security Services Protection Report (Jan- Mar 2020).