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Fortinet is proud to be the official
sponsor of BMW i Motorsport.

Fortinet and Formula E Championship 2020

About Formula E Championship

Formula E is the world’s first racing series to exclusively use fully electric vehicles. These single-seater electric cars accelerate the frontier of e-mobility by delivering high performance, immense acceleration, and extraordinary energy efficiency. For an automotive innovator like BMW, Formula E is the ideal platform for the future of mobility and a technology laboratory regarding future generations of electrified and electric vehicles.

BMW i Motorsports and Fortinet will be participating in the Formula E Championship 2020 season. The next race takes place in Mexico City on February 15 and runs through July 2020. Stay up-to-date on the team’s drivers, schedules, and race season here.


“We’re excited to welcome Fortinet to the team as our exclusive partner. There’s clear alignment between Fortinet and BMW i Andretti Motorsport centered around our shared focus on digital innovation, accelerated technology and high performance. We look forward to the new season together in 2020.”

Roger Griffiths, CTO at Formula E BMW i MotorSport


Just like Formula E, Fortinet is dedicated to driving digital innovation. The Fortinet SPUs that power the broad range of Fortinet networking and security products are also engineered with acceleration, high performance, and energy efficiency at top of mind. These key shared characteristics make Fortinet proud to be an official sponsor of BMW i Motorsport.

For more about our partnership with BMW please visit our blog.