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Training Advancement Agenda

Making Cybersecurity Training and Career Opportunities Accessible to Everyone

Training Advancement Agenda (TAA) and the Cybersecurity Skills Gap



*(ISC)² 2021 Cybersecurity Workforce Study

The Fortinet Training Institute’s ecosystem of public and private partnerships helps Fortinet further address the skills gap by increasing the access and reach of its cybersecurity certifications and training.

We work with global leaders like the World Economic Forum as part of our effort to drive change on the most pressing cybersecurity issues. Our partnerships extend to industry, academia, government, and nonprofits in an effort to reach more people and help close the cybersecurity skills gap.

NSE Training Institute and TAA

The Fortinet NSE Training Institute has grown globally to serve all IT and security professionals, as well as individuals interesting in entering the cybersecurity field. Since its inception, the NSE Training Institute has evolved to offer an eight level certification program combined with nearly 400 hours of supporting training curriculum.

The NSE Training Institute’s many programs contribute to our TAA by helping us extend our global reach, enabling us to bring training, certification, and resources to individuals in their local languages, helping support diversity and inclusion, and providing opportunities for employment to all populations.

The Pathway to a Cybersecurity Career

Fortinet Education Pathways create a career map to help students navigate through NSE Training Institute learning. Explore a pathway to better understand how Fortinet courses can increase experience and seniority for a current role, plan for career advancement, or make the jump into cybersecurity.

Security-Driven Networking Zero Trust Access Security Operations Adaptive Cloud Security Operational Technology
Security-Driven Networking
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 5 |
Zero Trust Access
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 5 |
NSE 6 | NSE 7
Security Operations
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 5 |
Adaptive Cloud Security
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 6 |
Operational Technology
Explore: NSE 4 | NSE 5 |
NSE 6 | NSE 7

NSE Training Institute Programs

Authorized Training Centers

Provide a global network of facilities that deliver high-quality Fortinet training in local languages in 83 countries and territories.

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Veterans Program

Transitions military service members, veterans, and military spouses into the cybersecurity industry by focusing on the natural synergy between national defense and defending critical information for organizations.

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Security Academy Program

Provides industry-recognized Fortinet training and certification opportunities to academic institutions and non-profits around the world.

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Cybersecurity Training

Free Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity professionals, IT professionals, and teleworkers can take advantage of Fortinet’s complete self-paced curriculum of cybersecurity training courses at no cost.

This training is free to anyone looking to advance their cybersecurity skills or gain new skills.

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Young Children and TAA

Raising Cyber Awareness in Young Children and TAA

In support of our TAA efforts, Fortinet recently released a children’s book designed to further increase cyber awareness among children from 7 to 12 years old. The book “Cyber Safe: A Dog’s Guide to Internet Security” was co-authored by Renee Tarun, Deputy CISO at Fortinet.

Fortinet Partners with Industry Leaders

The Cybersecurity Learning Hub

Free learning for individuals to develop their security knowledge and learn about careers in cybersecurity.

A collaboration between Fortinet, the World Economic Forum, Salesforce and the Global Cyber Alliance.

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