FortiCare Support Services for Carriers and Cloud Service Providers

The world runs on the communications and services provided by Carriers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Fortinet is the choice for premier technology and support services to operate highly available systems.


Advanced Services for Enterprise

Always-on availability is a necessity all the while maintaining critical service levels. Advanced Support provides the designated resources to keep hardware, software, and policy operating as you intend. Details

Resident Engineer

As projects and staffing fluctuate, Fortinet provides Resident Engineers who can work on-site or remote to augment your staffing needs. With internal connections, full training, and knowledge from previous deployments, Fortinet Resident Engineers will quickly benefit your project plan or resource constraints.

Secure RMA

Most carriers and CSPs have internal processes for disposing hardware containing customer data. This service level allows for self-disposal of failed hardware given sensitive customer data and compliance requirements.