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FortiCare Support Services Overview

We know that the Fortinet Security Fabric is critical to your business, so we at Fortinet are dedicated to ensuring your deployment is successful and helping you achieve business continuity. FortiCare Services are tailored to meet your deployment and operations needs, no matter your organization’s size or where you are in the world.


Device FortiCare

Device FortiCare

FortiCare device-based support is the foundation of the support services, providing firmware updates, technical support, and foundational FortiGuard subscriptions for dynamic policies. Two levels are available: 24x7 and Advanced Support Engineering (ASE). ASE provides higher ticket servicing for faster starts and ticket resolution.

Account Based  Services

Account-Based Services

These Advanced Services compliment Device FortiCare by providing a designated support engineer and logistics support, alongside training and flexible service points. Our team learns about your processes and deployment and shares knowledge, resulting in better operations and faster recoveries.

Professional Services

Professional Services

We know that you want to get started quickly, and sometimes just need some extra resources. Fortinet Professional Services brings technical experts into your project, staffing, or other initiative planning whether remote or on-site. 

Premium RMA

Premium RMA

Planning for hardware faults can be difficult, and Fortinet has some options to help. When space is tight, plan on four-hour parts delivery.  When you need help with a physical swap, choose four-hour parts with an engineer. We also have Secure RMA when you want to self-dispose.  

FortiCare Support Services for Small Businesses

Small-medium business (SMB) owners need continuous coverage at a reasonable price to keep business running for each critical client transaction.


Support Agreement

24x7 FortiCare covers you around the clock, for whenever you need technical support coverage. It includes web, chat, and telephone support to our global team. Hardware replacements are sent next business day shipping, ahead of you returning the original device. Foundational FortiGuard subscriptions for dynamic policies are included.

Support Agreement

Start making a difference in your business with the Security Fabric as soon as possible. Remote technical experts are a great value and can help deploy the Security Fabric, so you can start realizing your investment sooner and tailor the options to your needs.

Support Agreement

For some businesses, waiting until the next business day might be too long when it comes to a weekend or country import controls. Premium RMA service can provide a guaranteed next calendar day delivery, no matter your location or day of the week.

FortiCare Support Services for Enterprise

Enterprise businesses continue to focus on maintaining business operations while managing various risks from impacting the enterprise.


Support Agreement

Simplicity and operational expenditure come together with an Enterprise Support Agreement. This program allows enterprises to have one discounted flat contract for their Security Fabric, enabling auto-registration and consistent entitlements across all devices. This results in better operations and more efficiencies. 

Support Agreement

This support level provides a designated engineer that will learn about your team and Security Fabric deployment, resulting in quicker resolutions and guidance for your team. Use the included training, service points, and higher ticket SLAs to better enable your services. Details here.

Four-hour parts with engineer

Space is precious at the data center and spares can be lost in a distributed enterprise. This support delivers a replacement unit at your location within four hours, with an engineer to physically install the device, update firmware, and establish network management to your remote team. Geographic restrictions apply.

FortiCare Support Services for Service Provider

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) equip customers with critical services where teaming with the technology vendor is necessary for success.


ASE FortiCare

Advanced Support Engineering (ASE) enables the service provider to individually allocate cost for a higher support level to an individual device or serviced customer contract. You can bring a new service level to market or become eligible for more opportunities.

Advanced Services

Fortinet knows how to equip and team with partners providing services to end-customers. This support level is centered around training the partner’s delivery team, assisting with deployment logistics, and working with a designated FortiCare support engineer. Details.


FortiCare Four-hour Parts with Engineer provides quick hardware problem resolution without you having to build out a field support team.  Fortinet will deliver the replacement device to the customer’s location fast, physically replace it, and get it accessible for your remote team to continue the restoration process.

Resident Engineer

As projects and staffing fluctuate, Fortinet provides Resident Engineers who can work on-site or remote to augment your staffing needs. With internal connections, full training, and knowledge from previous deployments, Fortinet Resident Engineers will quickly benefit your project plan or resource constraints.