Network Security Expert Program

NSE 1 - Network Security Technology Foundations

NSE1 Description

NSE 1 is the entry level designation of the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program. It is intended to provide a basic understanding of the various aspects of providing a secure environment for network computing.

NSE 1 is available for anyone wishing to learn about network security and includes an overview of Fortinet the company. It is also the first step required in completion of the Fortinet Solutions and Sales steps of the program. Fortinet Sales and pre-sales associates and those of Fortinet Partners, are required to complete this step in order to progress to the next level of the program.

  • Module 1: Data Center Security
  • Module 2: Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
  • Module 3: Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Module 4: Application Security
  • Module 5: Networks Security Management
  • Module 6: Fortinet Overview

NSE 1 includes study materials and assessments for each module via the Fortinet Learning Center (FLC), including:

  • ‘A Modern Day Network Security Primer’
  • Study materials in the form of slides with text
  • Assessment exams

NSE 1 Program Requirements

  • Completion of all NSE1 training modules
  • Passing each module exam with a score of 90% or better

Who Should Attempt the NSE 1

Sales and support personnel who need a primer on network security. Those wishing to be recognized as FortiGate Security Associates

Designation Duration

NSE 1 is part of the NSE Associate designation. You must pass NSE 1, NSE 2 and NSE 3 to become a Fortinet NSE Associate. The NSE 1 requirement is valid for 2 years. You can renew your NSE 1 requirement by taking the current NSE-1 bundle in the FLC.

How to Enroll in NSE 1 Certification Training

To enroll in the NSE 1 you must have an account on the Fortinet Learning Center (FLC). If you are a partner, you must enter through the partner portal. If you are an employee, login through your site.


Partners and employees must access the FLC via the portals above to receive credit towards your standing with Fortinet.

If you are a customer, you can create an account using your company email address.


Once you’ve logged in, go to the catalog entry for NSE 1. Enrollment is free and you can progress at your own speed. You must complete all modules and pass all tests with a score of 90% or greater to complete the course. Once completed, you can print your certificate and review your transcripts in the Learning Center.

For additional help, contact your regional training administrator: - Americas - Asia - Europe, Middle East