Network Security Expert FAQ

I passed all the exams for my NSE level. When will I receive my certificate?
  • NSE 1, 2, 3, and 6 processing can take up to 14 days before certificates appear in your transcript.
  • NSE 4, 5, and 7 certifications earned through Pearson exams can take 2-3 weeks to appear in your transcript.
Does the new NSE 4 certification replace the FCNSA and FCNSP certifications?Yes. The NSE 4 certification combines both previous FortiGate exams into a single exam.
What happens to my existing FCNSP certifications?
  • On December 31, 2015, FCNSP v4 certificates will no longer be valid for NSE 4 standing.
  • On December 31, 2016, FCNSP v5 will no longer be valid for NSE 4 standing.
You should renew by taking the current NSE 4 exam before your FCNSP-based NSE 4 standing expires.
How long are my NSE certificates valid?
All NSE certificates expire after two years.
How do I renew my certificates?
You must re-take the exams before your certificate expires to maintain your NSE level.
Do I have to re-take courses to renew my certificates?Courseware is highly recommended but is not a pre-requisite for NSE exams.
FortiOS has been upgraded since I took my courses. Can I take the older NSE exam?NSE exams are only available for the current versions of FortiOS and Fortinet products. You must take the current exam to qualify or re-certify.
Do I have to renew each certificate or will lower levels auto-renew as I move up?Each NSE level is independent and must be renewed every two years. Renewing a higher level does not reset the date of the lower level certificate. For example, you receive NSE 4 in January 2015. You then earn NSE 7 in November. You must renew NSE 4 before February 2017 to maintain your NSE 4 standing.
Who do I contact with questions for the NSE program?
You can contact the NSE Administrator at