Adding Secure Email and Web Application Protection

NSS Labs - FortiWeb Web Application Firewall Product Review

NSS Labs - FortiWeb Web Application Firewall Product Review

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Excerpt From Vb Anti-Spam Comparative Review, June 2017

Excerpt From Vb Anti-Spam Comparative Review, June 2017

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Threat Landscape Report Q3 2017

Threat Landscape Report Q3 2017

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Secure Communications for Small and Medium Businesses

According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, more breaches were confirmed among small businesses than large ones.  According to a Fortinet study of 1600 cyberthreat assessment, an average of 4 active pieces of malware was found. Regardless of your organization’s size, it is important to cover the primary avenues of cybercriminal attack–the network, application layer, and endpoint layers. This often means adding stronger secure email and web application protection along with your firewall.

With Fortinet’s award-winning Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions, you introduce essential baseline protection that is top-rated and simplifies your network infrastructure. This security and simplicity help you focus on growing your business instead of managing your network.


Secure Communications for Small Business

However, today’s mature cybercriminal ecosystem and sophisticated threats often require more protection, regardless of organization size. Consider that email is currently the #1 delivery mechanism for an ever-growing number of ransomware families (FortiGuard Labs, 2016).  And that the compromised websites and applications are the #1 way into organizations within certain industries like financial services (Verizon, 2016). That’s why the Fortinet Security Fabric and Connected UTM can include dedicated components for secure email and web applications, rightsized for organizations with smaller teams and budgets.                                                                                                                                                              


Secure email

FortiMail high-performance appliances provide a ready-to-go email system, along with integrated secure email gateway capabilities to deliver:

  • Independently top-rated effectiveness: routinely earning top scores in Virus Bulletin, AV Comparatives, and other third-party testing
  • Comprehensive coverage: anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-malware, sandboxing, data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, and message archiving



Secure web applications

FortiWeb web application firewalls (WAFs) allow comprehensive, high-performance web application security to provide:

  • Near 100% protection, that shields your public facing web servers from exploit and compromise
  • Behavior-based security controls along with auto-learning to ensure protection is easy and immediate 

Secure voice

FortiVoice phone systems include everything you need to handle calls professionally, control communication costs, and stay connected everywhere. All FortiVoice IP PBX systems include:

  • An enterprise-class feature set and user experience
  • Extra layers of security to protect against threats targeting today’s IP-based phone systems

Our Secure Communications Solution includes: