Managed Security Services to Protect the New Digital Enterprise

Empowering managed security services partners to deliver comprehensive high margin services for use cases spanning multi-cloud applications, enterprise on-premises, and branch deployments.

How MSSPs Can Maximize Revenues with Various Security Service Models

Fortinet's Solution for Managed Security Service Providers

For MSSPs, the growing IT security market represents both an unprecedented opportunity and a challenge. To take advantage of this opportunity, MSSPs must demonstrate the ability to deliver security services more effectively and at a lower cost than enterprise IT security teams.

Fortinet MSSP partners reduce risk and minimize the impact of cyberattacks by providing managed security and monitoring services to protect enterprise data, infrastructure, and users regardless of who, where, when, and how IT assets are accessed. Fortinet MSSPs extend the security operations of the enterprise by bridging people, skills, process, and technology.

Fortinet offers a broad portfolio of integrated and automated products that cover network security, cloud security, application security, access security, and also network operations center (NOC) and security operations center (SOC). These products are already being used to strengthen, streamline and deliver established managed services. With digital transformation (DX) in the enterprise, Fortinet’s portfolio is increasingly used by MSSP partners to deliver the following advanced services:

SD-WAN including a Managed Secure SD-WAN Service.

SOC services including SIEM-as-a-Service and Managed Detection and Response.

Multi-cloud security including Cloud WAF-as-a-service, cloud security hub, Secure-web-gateway-as-a-service, and UTM-as-a-service.

Use Cases

mssp-sd wan service

Managed Secure SD-WAN Service

The potential of SD-WAN for MSSPs is just beginning to be realized. As security service providers begin taking advantage of delivering a managed SD-WAN service, security should be a key consideration.

mssp soc services

Managed SOC Services

Building a SOC is expensive, and further, managing and maintaining a SOC is challenging. Despite the challenges, customers seek greater visibility into the operations and effectiveness of their on-premises and cloud security. MSSPs can offer managed SIEM services to provide deeper visibility and analytics. They can also augment SIEM service capabilities with AI-driven threat intelligence and indicators of compromise (IOCs) feeds to offer managed detection and response services.

managed cloud security services

Managed Cloud Security Services

The explosive growth of public cloud providers is primarily fueled by enterprises leveraging them to run mission-critical applications. These applications require sophisticated protection to prevent breaches and complex attacks. MSSPs can offer enterprises Cloud WAF-as-a-service and significantly increase margins.

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