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Cloud Security from the Perimeter to the Workload

Optimized for Service Delivery

Solution Brief: Protecting the Cloud

Fortinet Solutions for Cloud Service Providers

As businesses require more speed and flexibility in delivering applications and services, cloud computing has emerged as the model best aligned to meet their needs. Cloud adoption is growing quickly and so are customer demands for fast and secure cloud infrastructure and services.

Your customers trust you to provide high-performance and secure cloud solutions, and you require the same from your security infrastructure. Fortinet provides you with a hybrid (physical and virtual) security fabric, providing the rich set of security services, flexibility, scalability, and manageability you need at both the edge and in the core, in the physical and virtual environments of the cloud.

Fortinet’s top-rated security solutions deliver:

  • Proven, multi-layered security for virtualized and cloud environments
  • Integration with leading SDN environments, such as Cisco ACI and VMware NSX
  • Carrier-grade, high-capacity FortiGate firewalls for cloud perimeter security and internal segmentation
  • FortiGate virtual firewalls for microsegmentation and workload protection
  • Unified intelligence and management with FortiOS to provide multi-function, consistent security with single-pane-of-glass management and to help reduce operational costs
  • Rich set of APIs for cloud management and orchestration 
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Securing Your Next Generation Data Center and Cloud with SDN Security

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Fortinet whitepaper: software defined network security framework

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High-performance protection throughout the cloud

FortiGate next generation firewalls can be deployed at the network edge to secure north-south traffic, within the cloud’s internal network to provide security segmentation and protection, and in the cloud’s virtual core to secure multitenant workload environments and east-west traffic. 

Guard the perimeter

Fortinet carrier-grade firewalls provide the widest set of security services with ground-breaking throughput and proven resilience and scalability in even the most demanding data center and cloud environments.

Protect the cloud internal network

FortiGate Internal Segmentation Firewalls (ISFWs) are deployed at strategic points within the network and provide network segmentation inside the perimeter to prevent the proliferation of threats and limit their potential damage within the internal network. Enhance your cloud security with an internal segmentation firewall that can support wire-speed internal traffic with multi-gigabit performance.

Secure the workload and east-west traffic

Fortinet’s virtual security appliances, ranging from next generation FortiGate firewalls to application-specific security appliances, such as the FortiWeb Web Application Firewall, provide full security visibility and protection for your cloud’s workloads and east-west traffic. With support for the widest range of virtualization platforms (KVM, HyperV, ESXi, Xen), SDN, cloud management and orchestration integration, and single-pane-of-glass management, Fortinet empowers security and agility within the cloud.   

Security for VMware NSX

Our FortiGate-VMX solution, specifically built to integrate with VMware NSX, protects east-west traffic, which now accounts for up to 80 percent of network traffic. Our solution and integration with VMware NSX enables policy-based firewall segmentation and controls on each vNIC across the cloud for east-west traffic inspection.

To close security gaps, our solution automatically scales the advanced security features available on each hypervisor joined to the security cluster, where consistent policies and firewall rules are applied. Network security policies defined in FortiGate-VMX are provisioned on application workloads automatically and inserted into the virtual network’s logical pipeline.


Security for Cisco ACI

Our FortiGate Connector for Cisco ACI provides L4 - L7 service insertion and automation within ACI.

The FortiGate Connector for Cisco ACI is a device package that contains XML metadata describing Fortinet’s security services and can be easily uploaded to Cisco APIC controller. The joint solution streamlines traffic to supported FortiGate physical and virtual appliances and assigns security policies on command for data center workloads.

FortiOS — one operating system for all your network and cloud security

Control all the security and networking capabilities in all your FortiGate firewall platforms across your entire infrastructure with one intuitive operating system. Improve protection and visibility while reducing operating expenses and saving time with a truly consolidated cloud security platform.

Better security, proven in independent tests

FortiGate firewall solutions are certified and validated by NSS Labs, ICSA, Virus Bulletin, and AV Comparatives for superior security effectiveness.

NSS Labs NGFW Test 2016

Capabilities tested:

  • Firewall                       
  • Intrusion Prevention Services
  • Application Control
  • Reputation Services


  • “Recommended”
  • Near-perfect security effectiveness (99.6%)
  • Performance far exceeds expectations


The Fortinet Cloud Provider Solution includes: