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Mobile Security and Network Services

Carrier-Grade Security at Mobile Scale 

Security Solution for Mobile Carriers
FortiGate-CGN 3000E Series Data Sheet

FortiGate-CGN 3000E Series Data Sheet

FortiCarrier 3000E Series Datasheet

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FortiGuard Security Services Datasheet

FortiGuard Security Services Datasheet

FortiGuard Security Services Datasheet

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Fortinet Solutions for Mobile Providers

The explosive growth of mobility and cloud migration has driven mobile carriers globally to accelerate borderless connectivity services regardless of the domains and locations. To support these business objectives, new technologies and network infrastructures (such as LTE, small cells, IPv6, and the cloud) are deployed.

Mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) are at the core of expanded 4G and upcoming 5G services and are subject to attack along with the rest of the mobile infrastructure. Imminent and constantly evolving security threats coming from multiple vectors are a pervasive challenge. To compound the issue, the unprecedented scale of mobile networks strains many IP infrastructures. Mobile carriers must protect their expanding infrastructures and ensure migration paths from IPv4 to IPv6.

Fortinet offers mobile carriers a strategic security solution that specifically addresses the unique scaling, performance, and connectivity needs of today’s mobile carriers.





Our solution delivers:

  • End-to-end carrier-grade security designed for the massive scale of mobile carrier networks: from the endpoint, to mobile core, to cloud
  • Intelligence to actively secure service provider domains with a purpose-built operating system, FortiOS-Carrier
  • Up-to-date security intelligence via FortiGuard Labs to ensure protection against the ever-changing cyber threat landscape facing mobile carriers and their customers
  • Simplified management, visibility, and analysis of mobile carrier networks and current threat profiles for both physical and virtual environments with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer




Complete content and network protection: FortiGate and FortiOS-Carrier

A high-end FortiGate Firewall running FortiOS-Carrier has all the features of FortiOS, plus more, such as security gateway (SeGw) functionality. To protect the three types of traffic in LTE Evolved Packet Core deployments, a SeGW for control plane communications and a Gi/sGi firewall (Gi/sGi-FW) for user traffic are required. Functionality includes:

  • Integrated GPRS Tunneling Protocol Security (GTP Firewall, SCTP Firewall) 
  • Virtual Domain (VDOM) support
  • QoS support
  • Large-scale IPsec termination
  • Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) and IPv6 migration support



CGNAT and IPv6 migration service: FortiGate-CGN 3000 E-Series

Designed specifically for mobile deployments, FortiCarrier delivers high predictability and service-level consistency to environments that generate massive numbers of connection set-ups and tear-downs.

The FortiGate-CGN Network Service Appliance (CGN):

  • Delivers industry-leading scalability (450 million concurrent sessions) and high performance (160 Gbps)
  • Is Ideally suited for IPv4 enterprise BYOD and IPv6 service provider IoT deployments
  • Provides comprehensive CGNAT and IPv6 migration support