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Security for Private 5G Ecosystems

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Solution: Private Carrier


Adopting private 5G is a strategic decision with significant, long-term  impact on the enterprise. Securing 5G’s infrastructure, and the ecosystem built around it, required to deliver the desired use cases, is critical and must be top of mind.

Introducing private 5G into industrial environments impacts operational technology (OT) security posture and compliance. This must be dealt with via effective security introduced into the 5G infrastructure. A secured private 5G solution delivers greater value to the enterprise.

The Fortinet Security Fabric platform provides an integrated set of advanced tools for security visibility and control for a wide range of private 5G network architectures and use cases. It meets today’s enterprise security requirements and serves as a competitive differentiator and a source of additional revenues for private 5G providers.


Proven Security for Private 5G Networks and Ecosystems

Fortinet security solutions provide private 5G end-to-end security visibility, enforcement, and management.

Fortinet Private 5G Security Solutions

The following key components deliver a secure private 5G environment and ecosystem to enterprises and private 5G providers.

FortiGate NGFW icon

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall

A key part of securing private 5G networks, the FortiGate provides end-to-end 5G user plane security, secures 5G to MEC and external PDN connectivity, provides security segmentation in the MEC, and implements an OT security boundary within the 5G network.

FortiWeb Web Application Firewall icon

FortiWeb Web Application Firewall

FortiWeb provides application-level security for MEC-based applications and the private 5G management and orchestration layer. It also secures API interworking in the MEC, 5G core exposure, and the management and orchestration layer.

5G Security Operations icon

Private 5G Security Operation Tools

Private 5G is a critical component and securing it with the appropriate visibility, analytics, and automation tools is important. Fortinet provides AI-driven security analytics, reporting, and security automation via consolidated NOC and SOC solutions.