Fortinet Solutions for the Retail Industry

Retailers are deploying more and more in-store technology (wireless point-of-sale (POS), guest Wi-Fi, location-based retail presence analytics) just to remain competitive and securing this technology has never been more critical. Fortinet’s end-to-end connectivity and security solution for retail enables secure networking and protection against the latest advanced threats.

With Fortinet's Retail Solution, you can:

  • Connect and secure retail locations with a complete end-to-end solution
  • Simplify PCI compliance with proven security technology
  • Deliver guest Wi-Fi and gain customer analytics
Security (FortiGate UTM): Inspect all store data to eliminate intrusions and achieve PCI compliance. Plus, full SD-WAN functionality. Switching (FortiSwitch): administer full security inspection down to the switch port with FortiLink technology. Manage every physical store port centrally and securely. Business Continuity (FortiExtender): Provide 100% connectivity uptime to retail operations via 3G/4G cellular backup as part of a complete and integrated SD-WAN solution. Wireless (FortiAP): Manage security inspection to the client. Offer secure guest wireless with website redirection, captive portal, URL filtering, and more. Detect rogue APs. Analytics (FortiPresence): Track customer shopping behaviors and in-store traffic flow through the use of wireless tracking sensors, data collection, and real-time reporting. Zero-Touch Deployment (FortiDeploy): Simplify large-scale store rollouts via intelligent automation. Centrally control configuration deployment and installation to reduce cost to deploy. Maximize efficiency while maintaining the security with our wireless LAN solution.

Learn more about: FortiAP, FortiExtender, FortiLink and FortiSwitch
With consolidated security and networking, your network and Wi-Fi access are secure, plus PCI-DSS and other compliance requirements are covered.

Learn more about: FortiGate
Engage with customers and influence shopping behaviors with presence analytics.

Learn more about: FortiPresence

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Centralized logging, historical reporting and real-time analysis providing retailers a comprehensive view of the states of their networks, both past and present.

Learn more about: FortiAnalyzer
Single-pane-of-glass management to control security policies, firmware revisions, and configurations to 10,000+ retail locations from a single web interface.

Learn more about: FortiManager
Fortinet’s custom-designed ASIC processors allows termination of 10,000+ of store VPNs centrally on a high-availability pair of appliances for full fault tolerance.

Learn more about: FortiGate
Ensure e-commerce site up-time by preventing sophisticated threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, and DoS attacks.

Learn more about: FortiWeb
Automated collection, analysis, and sharing of threat intelligence in real time to disrupt attacks early in the cycle without human intervention.

Learn more about: FortiSandbox
Offers a centralized user identity management solution that simplifies administration and the employee experience.

Learn more about: FortiAuthenticator
Rapid detection and remediation of security events at a store or network level and comprehensive security, performance, and compliance management.

Learn more about: FortiSIEM

Retail Headquarters Network Logging & Reporting Central Management VPN Aggregation Web Application Firewall Security Sandbox Authentication Management Security Incident & Event Management
Fortinet Retail Wi-Fi Solutions Brief

Fortinet Retail Wi-Fi Solutions Brief

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Securing Distributed Enterprise Networks for PCI DSS 3.0 Compliance

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How to increase revenue with WiFi & Retail Presence Analytics

How to increase revenue with WiFi & Retail Presence Analytics

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Understand how Fortinet end-to-end connectivity and security solution for retail enables secure networking and protection against the latest advanced threats.

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Network security

Fortinet’s award-winning unified threat management (UTM) appliances deliver a comprehensive set of  security functions to protect retail networks, including anti-malware, application control, intrusion prevention (IPS), and more. With the integration of high-density switch ports and a wireless LAN controller, these FortiGate appliances deliver truly unified and easy-to-manage network security


Network connectivity

In addition to the proven threat protection delivered by our UTMs, we offer a range of integrated solutions to provide additional functionality to the retail network, including FortiSwitch secure access switches, FortiAP wireless access points, FortiExtender 3G/4G wireless WAN extenders, and FortiPresence retail presence analytics.


Presence analytics

The FortiPresence analytics solution empowers brick-and-mortar retailers to measure consumer behavior, connect to customers, and influence them to make purchases. FortiPresence is a cloud-based solution that delivers more than just numbers and reports. The unique combination of analytics with a sophisticated customer engagement engine (including social Wi-Fi) helps retailers to better engage with customers and increase sales.