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IDC - Bridging the Divide Between Physical and Digital Security
Why Fortinet for Healthcare

Why Fortinet for Healthcare

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IDC - Bridging the Divide Between Physical and Digital Security

IDC - Bridging the Divide Between Physical and Digital Security

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Cyber Threat Assessment for Healthcare

Cyber Threat Assessment for Healthcare

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Fortinet Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare’s core mission has always been to provide the best care possible. The industry is in the process of transforming care delivery with IT, security, and privacy serving as enablers to support this mission. The IoT explosion has had a big impact on Healthcare networks, where devices need to seamlessly and securely connect via both wired and wireless networks.

Recent high-profile attacks on healthcare organizations, fueled by the presence of high-value information, have underlined the need for advanced security. With vulnerable medical applications and devices combined with a borderless attack surface, a comprehensive security approach is required. Healthcare’s inability to keep patient data secure could undermine the industry’s ability to transform.

Fortinet is dedicated to meeting the varied and critical security needs of today’s healthcare organizations worldwide. With seamlessly integrated and scalable solutions that offer industry-leading security effectiveness and deliver third-party validated unmatched performance, we ensure that you’ll never have to choose between performance and security. That’s why seven of the top ten U.S. healthcare systems have chosen Fortinet, as have seven of the top ten big pharma companies.

Fortinet’s Healthcare Solution delivers:

  • A centralized security architecture to make it easier to protect patient data
  • Robust clinical security through our advanced threat protection (ATP) framework 
  • Better protection of medical devices through use of Internal Segmentation Firewalls
  • Effective management of security, wireless access points, and LAN switches through a single pane-of-glass
  • Improved performance with app prioritization, traffic optimization, and device-level security for new care delivery models


Security Transformation

Healthcare organizations must ensure their valuable data is safe. Learn how Fortinet provides the ideal fit for the healthcare industry.

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Seamless distributed healthcare

Our next generation firewalls (NGFWs) deliver ASIC-accelerated performance, integrating multiple layers of security to protect against application and network threats. These NGFWs are ideally suited for hospital data center and clinical deployments. At the other end of the spectrum, easy-to-use unified threat management (UTM) appliances and secure wireless access points can safely connect distributed offices to hospitals, insurers, and other providers simply and cost effectively. 

Intelligent network segmentation

Once attackers breach healthcare networks, they often find it very easy to move through servers and applications. Our Internal Segmentation Firewalls (ISFWs) are specially adapted for the performance needs inside a network and closer to data center core, providing intelligent segmentation and additional layers of security. Critical data, such as medical devices or EMRs, can be placed behind ISFWs to ensure threats are detected and mitigated faster than with edge protection alone, even when breaches occur or are staged by actors with network access. 

Advanced threat protection

Our Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) framework gives healthcare IT a powerful, unified cyber security ecosystem to prevent, detect, and mitigate threats.  ATP relies on multiple types of security technologies, products, and intelligence – each performing a different role but intuitively collaborating across the attack cycle. This approach combats threats from the network’s core to the endpoint user’s device, protecting valuable health data and intellectual property.