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Government agencies are often a key target for cyberattacks.  The vulnerability to threat actors, from amateur hacktivists to sophisticated nation-states sponsored operations, of government systems is on the rise which is evidenced by the rates of government breaches increasing every year, going from 193 reported breaches in 2015 to 304 in 2017.

In addition to the increase in number as well as the expanding threat landscape, threats are becoming more sophisticated to evade traditional security.  With outdated and disparate government networks, security IT staff shortages, and budget constraints, breaches are going to continue to happen if effective security is not implemented.

Fortinet understands that federal, state and local government agencies face unique challenges and requirements and is dedicated to continuously deliver cybersecurity innovations that keep pace with their complex and mission critical requirements, both present and future.

We are ideally suited to help government agencies provide citizen services, protect national security interests and support military missions by mitigating risk and future-proofing their environment with the most comprehensive, effective and adaptive cybersecurity solutions built on the industry’s top performing, compliant and value-driven security technologies.