Mapping The Ransomware Landscape

Mapping The Ransomware Landscape

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Understanding the IoT Explosion and its impact on Enterprise Security

Understanding the IoT Explosion and its impact on Enterprise Security

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New Security Challenges Redefine Risk and Vulnerability

New Security Challenges Redefine Risk and Vulnerability

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Security for Enterprises and Mid-Sized Organizations

Enterprises are rapidly enabling new technologies to meet business demands, but this also opens the door to new attacks.  The risk is compounded by the ever-evolving threat landscape and today's complex, borderless networks.  

To effectively secure today's enterprises, an integrated, collaborative approach is required with security technologies that share intelligence to respond to threats immediately.



A New Approach: the Fortinet Security Fabric

The Fortinet Security Fabric is an intelligent framework designed for scalable, interconnected security combined with high awareness, actionable threat intelligence, and open API standards. 

Fortinet Security Fabric
The Security Fabric is built around three key attributes:
  • Broad: The Security Fabric covers the entire attack surface. Security can be applied to the network, endpoints, access, applications, and cloud.
  • Powerful: The Security Fabric uses security processors to reduce the burden on infrastructure, delivering comprehensive security without affecting performance.
  • Automated: The Security Fabric enables a fast and coordinated response to threats. All elements can rapidly exchange threat intelligence and coordinate actions.


Understand how Fortinet Security Fabric protects your entire network from endpoint to the cloud to provide security without compromise.

protection at the core with network segmentation

Protection at the core with Network Segmentation

It's not enough to have a firewall at the network edge. Threats slip through perimeter defenses and travel through the network undetected.  Fortinet's Internal Segmentation Firewall stops threats inside the network.  

For more details, check out the Gartner report on best practices for network segmentation.  

industry-leading global threat intelligence

Industry-Leading Global Threat Intelligence

Staying on top of the latest threats is key to preventing successful attacks.  The expert researchers at FortiGuard Labs gather and analyze data from more than three million sensors around the globe to provide effective, up-to-date security services. 

Find out what you need to prepare for in the 2017 Threat Landscape Report.  

one operating system across your entire network fortios

One Operating System Across Your Network: FortiOS

If you can't see what's going on in your IT infrastructure, you can't protect against malicious activity.  Acting as the foundation for Fortinet's Security Fabric, FortiOS unifies security technologies for deep visibility and efficient orchestration and management. FortiOS also leverages a performance-optimized security engine and custom security processing units to deliver faster throughput performance -- up to 10 times faster than equivalent firewalls from other vendors.