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AI-based threat prevention and detection

Using AI to Detect Advanced Threats
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Fortinet Security Operations Solutions deliver advanced threat intelligence and technologies to prevent, detect, and respond to traditional and advanced threats. They also aid with compliance and can help raise overall security awareness. Delivered by FortiGuard Labs and deployed to protect the organization, users, and data, this threat intelligence consistently demonstrates high-effectiveness in independent tests.      

Threat Prevention

Prevent Cyber Threats

Sophisticated advanced threats are on the rise, becoming difficult to prevent without a unified security infrastructure. Deploy these security services deployed in line to detect and prevent threats in real time. 

Increased Security

Fortinet solutions can help upgrade an organizations security posture by implementing established and emerging security services to keep pace with the threat landscape.

Consolidate Security

Adding new security services to existing network, email, and other platforms simplifies security operations. It can also improve security posture by closing gaps between point product silos, reducing the risk of misconfiguration.

Advanced Threat Detection

Advanced Threat Detection

Unlock smarter machine learning-based security to combat advanced threats. Cutting-edge technologies inspect the network for sophisticated attacks and insider risk.

Advanced Malware

Highly-effective, evasion-resistant, sandbox analysis is available in all form factors. It is integrated across the entire attack surface with dynamic intelligence sharing to detect advanced malware at all attack vectors. 

Insider Risk

Malicious and even well-meaning insiders constitute a serious risk. Leverage end-user monitoring and response with cloud-based machine learning to mitigate insider risk.

Demonstrating Compliance

Demonstrate Compliance

Meeting compliance and regulation requirements can be a time-consuming burden for teams with resource constraints. Fortinet solutions allow organizations to easily report on controls required by security standards and regulations. 

Regulatory Compliance

Reduce the effort it takes to adhere to compliance with out-of-the-box reports for PCI DSS and other regulatory controls. 

Industry Best Practices

Get an automated assessment of controls against NIST, CIS, and other security best practices. Quantify scoring or risk over time and against like organizations and receive recommendations to improve security posture. 

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