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FortiGuard Web Security

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FortiGuard cloud-delivered web security services provide comprehensive protection to address threats including ransomware, credential-theft, phishing, spam, and other web-borne attacks.

Quickly stop threats with AI-powered, coordinated protection

All FortiGuard security services are natively integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric. This enables fast, coordinated detection and enforcement across the entire attack surface. Risk is continually assessed and the Security Fabric automatically adjusts to counter the latest known and unknown threats in real time. It is able to close security gaps with context-aware, consistent security policies for users and applications in hybrid deployments across the network, endpoints, and clouds.

FortiGuard Web Security Technologies

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Web Filtering

FortiGuard Web Filtering leverages a database of hundreds of millions of URLs classified into 90+ categories to enhance granular web controls and reporting. TLS 1.3 support extends analysis to encrypted traffic. It also blocks unknown malicious URLs almost immediately.

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Video Filtering

Offers the industry’s first advanced video filtering service. It provides the same level of granular filtering for YouTube as it does for other web traffic, including granular controls based on channels beyond categories. This ability to apply granular video filtering controls helps organizations achieve stronger regulatory compliance.

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Anti-Botnet & C2

Add anti-botnet technology to block unauthorized attempts to communicate with compromised remote servers for both receiving malicious commands and extracting information. This prevents botnets and other threats from communicating with command & control servers to exfiltrate data or download malware.

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DNS Filtering

DNS filtering provides full visibility into DNS traffic while blocking high-risk domains including malicious newly registered domains (NRDs) and parked domains. It protects against sophisticated DNS-based threats including DNS tunneling, DNS infiltration, C2 server identification, and DGAs.

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IP Reputation

Add IP reputation technology to proactively block web-borne attacks. Malicious source IP data is aggregated from global threat sensors, CERTs, MITRE, cooperative competitors, and other global sources that collaborate to provide up-to-date threat intelligence about hostile sources. 

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Security

Cloud-enabled, complete protection for web-borne threats, natively integrated across the Fortinet Security Fabric

Fast Protection with AI

AI-driven detection, analysis, and enforcement for real-time protection against known and unknown threats

Covers the Full Spectrum of Threats

Full-spectrum protection for unknown and newly discovered threats with advanced IP reputation and anti-botnet protection

Customizable Licensing Plans

Flexible purchasing options for networks, endpoints, clouds, and applications across all form factors

FortiGuard Labs Real-Time Threat Intelligence

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FortiGuard Labs maintains AI-powered analysis environments across unified databases, ensuring that all products operate from the same up-to-the-minute data. FortiGuard Labs delivers:

  • Real-time threat intelligence in the form of continuous security updates across the Security Fabric
  • Unique combination of local learning and static analysis to identify anomalies
  • Threat hunting and outbreak alerts, analysis, and detection, prevention, and mediation tools