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FortiGuard AI-Powered Security

AI-Powered Protection Across the Security Fabric 

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FortiGuard security services counter threats in real time with AI-powered, coordinated protection. All of our security services are natively integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric. This enables fast detection and enforcement across the entire attack surface. Risk is continually assessed and the Security Fabric automatically adjusts to counter the latest known and unknown threats in real time. It is able to close security gaps with context-aware, consistent security policies for users and applications in hybrid deployments across the network, endpoints, and clouds.

NEW in FortiOS 7.2

FortiOS 7.2 delivers a powerful combination of AI-driven actionable intelligence and integrated inline prevention for evasive and never seen before threats. With FortiOS 7.2 we introduced the FortiGuard Inline Sandbox Security Service the FortiGuard Inline CASB Security Service, and advanced device protection unified for OT and IoT, along with many enhancements to our SOC security portfolio.  

Cybersecurity 101 – The Basics

Get a quick overview of the attack sequence, a baseline definition of time to prevention, and the automation needed to reduce it. Then see how known technologies are mapped to the different stages of attack and how they play together in predicting and preventing the next steps of an attack.

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Partial View of Security Services and Products

FortiGuard AI-enabled Security-As-A-Services

*Note: SD-WAN and ZTNA services are included with all FortiGate NGFWs

FortiGuard Security Services Portfolio

FortiGuard Security Services is a suite of AI-powered security capabilities providing application, content, web, device, and advanced SOC security. 

fortiguard ai powered security
FortiGuard Content Security

NEW: Inline blocking of previously unknown threats with the FortiGuard Inline Sandbox Security Service 

The FortiGuard Content Security suite offers advanced security technologies optimized to monitor and protect against file-based attack tactics, malware, ransomware, and credential-based attacks.

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FortiGuard Web Security

The FortiGuard Web Security Suite offers advanced security technologies optimized to monitor and protect against ransomware, credential-theft, phishing, spam, and other web-borne attacks.

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FortiGuard Device Security

NEW: Device detection and protection services including: 

  • IoT/OT device detection (expanded)
  • Vulnerability correlation
  • Virtual patching
  • Integration with NAC and LAN Edge

The FortiGuard Device Security suite offers advanced security technologies optimized to monitor and protect IoT and OT devices against device and vulnerability-based attack tactics.

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FortiGuard Application Security

NEW: FortiGuard Inline CASB Service focused on securing business SaaS data. New capabilities include inline traffic inspection ​and ZTNA posture check.​

The FortiGuard Application Security suite offers advanced technologies optimized to monitor and protect against file-based attack tactics, malware, ransomware, and credential-based attacks.

FortiGuard NOC/SOC Security

NEW: Global SOC-as-a-Service team, tier one hunting, and automation of the SOC baseline:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 continuous monitoring
  • Out-of-the-box SOC use case coverage 
  • Playbook and SOAR integration  

The FortiGuard NOC/SOC Security suite offers advanced security technologies optimized for SOC and NOC teams. More focus is enabled through AI and automation, for faster response to attacks. 

FortiGuard Labs Real-Time Threat Intelligence

FortiGuard Labs maintains AI-powered analysis environments across unified databases, ensuring that all products operate from the same up-to-the-minute data. Different products gain access to all relevant security technologies appropriate to their function and location across the attack surface and cycle. This ensures security is deployed consistently and enforced cohesively. In addition, behavior-based analysis and local ML capabilities operate within the different products to provide full-spectrum detection and mitigation of known and unknown threats.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Development of continuous security updates across the Security Fabric based on in-house research, zero-day discoveries, as well as through industry alliances

Trusted Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Deliver a unique combination of local learning and static analysis to identify anomalies. This is locally augmented by rapid intelligence based on AI and ML models on large-scale cloud-driven data lakes. 

Threat Hunting and Outbreak Alerts

Alerts, analysis and detection, prevention and remediation tools for fast mitigation of outbreaks. Also leverage MITRE ATT&CK sightings and global partnerships