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The FortiGuard Content Security Advantage

AI- and ML-Powered Cloud-Delivered Services

The FortiGuard Content Security suite includes advanced technologies optimized to detect and protect against rapidly evolving targeted threats. These include ransomware, crypto-malware, and known and previously unknown file-based attack tactics.

Our unique combination of market-leading, AI-enabled security technologies are coordinated across the attack surface and cycle to deliver:

  • Full lifecycle automated detection and protection against known and unknown file-based threats in near real time 
  • AI-driven cloud sandbox, advanced antivirus (AV), anti-malware, and ransomware defense enhanced with innovative capabilities like content disarm and reconstruction, mobile malware protection, virus outbreak prevention, and more.
  • Consistent detection and context-aware prevention across hybrid deployments for networks, endpoints, clouds, and applications. 
  • Our market leading content security services are natively integrated across our Fabric and can be added to multiple products including web application firewalls (WAFs), email security, web proxy, endpoint protection (EPP), application delivery controller (ADC), and cloud access security broker (CASB)

Cybersecurity 101 – The Basics

Get a quick overview of the attack sequence, a baseline definition of time to prevention, and the automation needed to reduce it. Then see how known technologies are mapped to the different stages of attack and how they play together in predicting and preventing the next steps of an attack.

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FortiGuard AI-enabled Security-As-A-Services

FortiGuard Content Security Services Portfolio

FortiGuard Antivirus (AV)

FortiGuard Antivirus delivers automated updates that protect against the latest polymorphic attacks, viruses, spyware, and other content-level threats. Based on patented Content Pattern Recognition Language (CPRL), the anti-malware engine is designed to prevent known and previously unknown malware variants.

FortiGuard Cloud Sandbox

FortiGuard Cloud Sandbox is SaaS-based sandboxing that uses a multi-stage process to pre-filter and then fully-execute unknown code to identify new attacks. New actionable intelligence and preventions are generated for AV, URL, DNS, C&C, and IPS, then shared across the Fortinet Security Fabric and ecosystem. This automated, near-real-time threat protection can be combined with our PaaS, hardware, and virtual machine sandbox deployment options.

FortiGuard Antispam

FortiGuard Antispam dramatically reduces spam volume at the perimeter, controlling email attacks and infections. This provides much greater protection than standard real-time blacklists

Features & Benefits

FortiGuard Content Security services deliver near-real-time protection across the Fortinet Security Fabric to enable consistent,
comprehensive protection against all types of threats.


Get Better Protection with AI and ML

Get Better Protection with AI and ML

FortiGuard Content Security services deliver near-real-time protection across the Fortinet Security Fabric to enable consistent, comprehensive protection against all types of threats.

Cover the Full Spectrum of Threats

Cover the Full Spectrum of Threats

Additional capabilities like mobile malware, credential protection, content disarm & reconstruction, virus outbreak prevention, DLP, and dynamic adult image analysis add more protection within this category.

Mix and Match with Flexible Purchasing Options

Mix and Match with Flexible Purchasing Options

Choose a plan that works for your unique needs with flexible purchasing options for networks, endpoints, clouds and applications across all form factors.

Committed to Your Success

Threat intelligence, Consulting and IR

Our teams of global cybersecurity experts, stand by your side every step of the way to a more secure future, today.
Choose form our rich portfolio of security and consulting service and get started.


Onboarding and Support

Fast-track your return on investment with streamlined deployment from our experts. Our consultants have multi-vendor experience and can help you design a full solution, quickly migrate from legacy technologies, and adopt new capabilities.

Master your security posture

FortiGuard Labs offers consulting services designed to help your organization address your specific threat landscapes and improve your organization’s ability to use threat intelligence to meet that challenge with Security Architecture Evaluations, Cybersecurity and threat hunting workshops, anti phishing employee training and more.

SOC Services and Augmentation

Augment your Fortinet Security Fabric operations with Fortinet experts 24x7x365 across the globe. (MDR + Networks and cloud)

Incident Response

The FortiGuard Incident Response Service provides organizations in the midst of a cyber security incident, including targeted ransomware attacks, with the experienced staff, expert skills, powerful tools and established process needed to efficiently assess the situation, its scope and steps necessary to contain the impact and help recover operations