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FortiGuard Security Services
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User-Centric Security and Support Services

FortiTrust Services

Fortinet is redefining services with the introduction of FortiTrust, a unified offering with single user-based licensing model for flexible consumption across networks, endpoints and clouds. FortiTrust expands upon our industry-leading security services comprising FortiGuard, AI-powered suite of Security Services (link) and FortiCare, comprehensive set of advanced support offerings.

The FortiTrust portfolio enables:

  • Flexible user-based licensing to eliminate the need to track device counts or bandwidth consumption
  • Simplified transitions across various form factors so organizations with hybrid architectures can easily shift between on-premises and cloud-delivered security
  • Single license for security services to support a variety of use cases


FortiGuard Security Subscriptions

FortiGuard Security services provide application, content, web, device, and user security. They offer:

  • Native integration into the Fortinet Security Fabric to deliver coordinated detection and enforcement across the ever-expending attack surface and threat landscape
  • Real-time threat protection by continuously assessing risks and automatically adjusting the Fortinet Security Fabric and ecosystem to counter known and unknown threats
  • Context-aware, consistent security policy for users and applications in hybrid deployments across network, endpoints, and clouds

FortiCare Services

FortiCare Services are available for all Fortinet Security Fabric products to ensure your deployments are successful and to help you achieve business continuity with maximum protection. Supported by over 1000 technical experts around the world, FortiCare offers 24x7 technical support and Advanced and Professional Services for timely issue resolution and accelerated technology implementation to maximize the security and performance of your Fortinet deployments.

Features and Benefits

Consume security and support services across networks, endpoints, and clouds with a user-based, as-a-service, licensing model.

Easily predict costs, scale your business, and simplify your purchasing process across hybrid deployments. Shift from on-premises to cloud-delivered security by allowing users to transition across various form factors.

Stay ahead of the threats with rapid consumption of advanced security innovations with cloud-enabled machine-learning models from FortiGuards Labs. 

Close security gaps with natively integrated and coordinated protection across your organization.