Secure SD-Branch

Protect expanding network edges with converging branch services to deliver security, agility, and performance

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Secure SD-Branch

Distributed enterprise branches transitioning to a digital business model are having a significant impact on the network. With enterprise users both remote and local directly accessing the internet for cloud and Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, the WAN and access edges are getting more complicated than ever. Moreover, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices entering the branch network introduce new vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit. It is becoming critical to deploy next-generation security strategies to support this new paradigm.

Fortinet Secure SD-Branch enables customers to converge their security and network access, extending the benefits of the Fortinet Security Fabric to their distributed branches. Secure SD-Branch is comprised of FortiGate next-generation firewallFortiNAC network access control, FortiSwitch, and FortiAP to deliver consolidation of branch services for network edge and device edge protection.

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This includes Fortinet Secure SD-WAN technology integrated with network access to deliver the most secure and manageable remote branch in the industry. To address the explosion of IoT devices, Fortinet Secure SD-Branch further utilizes the FortiGate as a network sensor by FortiNAC to enable administrators to not only discover and secure IoT devices but detect anomalies.

Recent surveys have shown that users see a need for WAN solutions that also integrate and offer common management with their internal LAN networking solutions. Additionally, security was the top concern across all respondents.

Fortinet Secure SD-Branch is driven by our secure access technology, powered by FortiLink, which integrates wired and wireless services into the security infrastructure through FortiOS. Key FortiLink benefits include a common management platform and integrated security, enabling Ethernet switch and WLAN interfaces to be controlled with the same level of enforcement as firewall interfaces. FortiLink switch and wireless integration requires no license. It is included as part of the FortiOS running on every FortiGate.   


Secure Branch SD-WAN

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Provisioning new branches and rapidly adopting new technologies can be expensive, difficult, and time consuming. To make matters worse, security is often overlooked. Fortinet Secure SD-Branch shortens deployment times and decreases the need for costly onsite technical expertise with zero-touch provisioning of the remote branch infrastructure. Simplified management with a single-pane-of-glass, allows the administrator to deploy, provision, and secure the branch network from the NOC/SOC.

Configuration parameters for SD-WAN and network access are centralized within the FortiGate. Simply ensure that FortiGate is connected to the internet to enable FortiManager, the centralized management platform, to forward the necessary configuration to bring up the WAN, LAN, and security elements of your remote branch. 

Delivering an Unparalleled Approach

Only Fortinet offers an integrated, centrally managed solution with security, wired, wireless, and SD-WAN in one platform. Fortinet secure access is integrated into our FortiOS code, meaning it is directly integrated into the security services offered by FortiGate.  

Fortinet is the only vendor to provide industry-leading security services tied with native SD-WAN, LAN, WLAN, and NAC, allowing you to consolidate your branch services into one easy-to-manage platform while saving you time and reducing cost. Fortinet is the best-of-breed option for networking and security solutions, from network access, out of the branch, and into the cloud.   



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