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Enterprise Security for Changing Times

Enterprise Security for Changing Times

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Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN

Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN

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Secure Access Enterprise Solution

Secure Access Enterprise Solution

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Secure Access Solution

Organizations are changing the way they deploy access networks, connected devices, and business applications to address a number of management challenges:

  • The number and types of network-connected wireless devices and mobile applications continue to grow exponentially, presenting new vulnerabilities and increasing the attack surface.
  • Users want fast Wi-Fi and a smooth experience across wired and wireless networks.
  • IT needs the reduced complexity of network management, application management, and device management.

Securing business communications, personal information, financial transactions, and mobile devices involves much more than network access control. It requires scanning for malware, preventing access to malicious websites, endpoint integrity checking, and controlling application usage. 

Typical Wi-Fi solutions cannot satisfactorily address these requirements. Only Fortinet's Secure Access solution delivers three WLAN deployment options to meet the different WLAN requirements of today's enterprises. In addition to WLAN services, our secure access portfolio also provides the most flexible security platform with end-to-end enforcement.


Secure Access Solution

Secure Access Solution

Network access and network security need to work together for complete protection. Watch the video to learn how this can easily be accomplished with Fortinet.

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Secure Access Overview

Protect the access layer, guarding against data breaches and cybersecurity threats from both internal user devices and IoT products.

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Our three offerings: Integrated, Controller, and Cloud enable any organization to choose the topology and network management that best fits its needs, without having to compromise on security.



Integrated Wi-Fi

Our Integrated offering is a family of controller-managed access points that function in cooperation with a FortiGate next generation firewall. In addition to consolidating all the functions of a network firewall, IPS, anti-malware, VPN, WAN optimization, web filtering, and application control in a single platform, FortiGate also includes an integrated Wi-Fi controller. Fortinet access points are either integrated into the FortiGate (FortiWiFi) or are connected directly to the FortiGate to provide comprehensive wireless coverage.

Get more info: Integrated Wi-Fi



Controller Wi-Fi

Our Controller offering combines on-premises controller-based management, network applications, and a range of high-performance indoor and outdoor access points. This is the ideal solution when an organization needs a dedicated wireless network that can be separated from the underlying network’s security infrastructure. The Controller solution offers flexible channel deployment options to drastically reduce site survey and channel planning work while securing traffic through wireless traffic segmentation. This solution scales for implementations ranging from medium to large enterprises.

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Cloud Wi-Fi

Our Cloud solution is unlike any other Cloud Wi-Fi offering. Based on the FortiCloud Provisioning and Management Service and a new class of access points, the FortiAP-S series combines the elements of advanced firewall protection at the network edge with the simplicity and convenience of cloud management.

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Our Ethernet LAN switches are available in a large range of models to fit any environment.



Ideal for small to medium businesses, distributed enterprises, and branch offices, FortiSwitch secure access switches deliver superior security, performance, and manageability. In addition, they help increase productivity for next generation applications through faster network access speeds.

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Get end-to-end protection with the Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet is the only company with security solutions for network, endpoint, application, data center, cloud, and access designed to work together as an integrated security fabric to provide true end-to-end protection. Our Secure Access Architecture extends your security policies to the very edge of your network where most vulnerabilities target. FortiAP and FortiSwitch communicate to the rest of the network, with FortiGate at the core. With one operating system across the entire network, you get better visibility and awareness with simplified management.