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Protect Web Applications

Defend Web-Based Applications from Attacks That Target Vulnerabilities

Finding a Better Solution for Web Application Security

Protect Web Applications

Web applications have long been favorite targets of hackers. They can provide access to valuable information and they’re relatively easy to exploit. A successful attack can have devastating consequences, including financial loss, damage to brand reputation, and loss of customer trust. Some organizations never recover from a major security breach.

A network firewall is the first line of defense in a data center, but it isn’t enough. Many new attacks that target applications and end users require additional protections that a firewall or an IPS can’t provide. Signature-based detection, IP reputation, and deep-packet inspection can stop some of these advanced threats, but they have limited offerings. Organizations need additional products like web application firewalls, application delivery controllers, and sandboxing integration to address these new threats to the data center and users.

As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, web applications receive more protection than with standalone solutions. For example, sandbox integration enhances the included antivirus scanning for advanced threat detection. In combination with FortiGate, organizations benefit from simplified deployment and shared threat intelligence; integration with leading threat scanning service providers enable advanced vulnerability patching.

Key solution components:

  • Web application firewalls for web application vulnerability patching
  • High-capacity application delivery controllers to secure web application traffic
  • DDoS mitigation with protection for attacks that target layer 7 application services

Fortinet’s Web Application Security solution delivers the security, performance, and integration needed to protect mission-critical web applications from attacks that target known and unknown vulnerabilities.



Web Application Security



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