Agile Security for Network Virtualization, SDN, and Private Cloud

Automating Advanced Security for the Software Defined Data Center

Automating Advanced Security for the Software Defined Data Center

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Securing the Private Cloud

Securing the Private Cloud

In today’s highly virtualized data centers, more workloads running on fewer physical machines are driving requirements for much higher core network speeds. All this, in combination with the move to IPv6 and application- and service-oriented architectures, is driving the need for cloud security hardware.

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Agile Security for SDN and Data Centers

Agile Security for SDN and Data Centers

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Fortinet Private Cloud Security Solution

Virtualization and SDN are rapidly transforming data centers into agile, innovative, and cost-effective private clouds. Unfortunately, if your security is an afterthought and can’t keep up with these fast, flexible environments, there can be protection gaps or manual security processes that negate the advantages of network virtualization and SDN.

Our SDN security framework delivers security built for these networks. It defines security evolution across the network architecture. It evolves network security in each conceptual layer of network architecture: the data plane, control plane, and management plane.

As an innovator and leader in ASIC-based data center security appliances, we also offer the largest range of virtual appliances that provide better visibility and control of virtual network traffic. Virtual appliances also facilitate scale-out elasticity, automation, and orchestration due to the containerization within a VM form factor. Fortinet also provides out-of-the-box integration with leading orchestration platforms such as VMware NSX and Cisco ACI, as well as rich API extensibility, so that security policy can be seamlessly applied in logical and dynamic environments.

Fortinet’s SDN security solution is certified by leading SDN, Network Virtualization, and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platforms and can be applied to any data center cloud environment.


Securing Your Next Generation Data Center and Cloud with SDN Security

This brief whiteboard video illustrates three key benefits of taking a software-defined approach to securing the data center with Fortinet's SDN Security (SDNS) Framework

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Fortinet Private Cloud Security Includes:

Support for leading network virtualization and SDN platforms including VMware NSX, Cisco ACI, and OpenStack

Multitenant support and virtual domain support for network segmentation and security service function deployment

Extensible management interface – API’s for cloud automation and orchestration

Integrated single-pane-of-glass management for consistent policy control and monitoring

Unmatched breadth of security portfolio and flexible deployment options


Security for VMware NSX

Our FortiGate VMX solution with VMware NSX protects east-west traffic, which now accounts for up to 80 percent of network traffic. Our solution with VMware eliminates the previous hair-pinning process and enables policy-based firewall controls on each vNIC across the data center for east-west traffic inspection. To close security gaps, our solution automatically scales the advanced security features available on each hypervisor joined to the security cluster, where consistent policies and firewall rules are applied. Network security policies defined in FortiGate VMX are provisioned on application workloads automatically and inserted into the virtual network’s logical pipeline. 

Scale and Segment for VMware Integrated Open Stack (VIO)

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Security for Cisco ACI

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) takes in FortiGate appliances (physical and virtual) as L4 - L7 security firewall services. All policy orchestration, provisioning, and scaling are automatic and centrally-profiled based on application heuristics and workloads. Cisco ACI’s unique approach uses a common policy-based operating model across a network that overcomes IT silos and drastically reduces costs and complexity.

Cisco ACI Solution Brief

FortiGate Connector Deployment Guide for Cisco ACI

Download the Fortinet Connector for Cisco ACI


Security for OpenStack-based SDN

OpenStack-based clouds provide the environment needed for elastic, on-demand multitenant applications. Networks are transitioning to new models more suited to the cloud with SDN, NFV, and Virtual Network Infrastructure, and their relationships between networking, security orchestration, and policy enforcement.

Our OpenStack solution embraces SDN Security (SDNS) Framework providing out-of-the-box integration so that advanced network security can be seamlessly applied in logical and dynamic environments.


Top-rated products powered by FortiGuard Labs

Fortinet integrates intelligence from FortiGuard Labs into next generation firewalls, secure email gateways, web application firewalls, sandboxes, endpoint security, and other products. These share intelligence to continually optimize and improve your level of security.

Private Cloud Security Includes: