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Security Fabric

The cybersecurity platform that enables digital innovation

Considerations for Security

Security Fabric for the Enterprise

Organizations are rapidly adopting digital innovation (DI) initiatives to accelerate business, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide better customer experiences. Common initiatives involve moving applications and workflows to the cloud, deploying Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices on the corporate network, and expanding the organization’s footprint to new branch locations.

With this evolving infrastructure also comes security risks. Organizations must cope with growing attack surfaces, advanced threats, increased infrastructure complexity, and an expanding regulatory landscape. To accomplish their desired DI outcomes while effectively managing risks and minimizing complexities, organizations need to adopt a cybersecurity platform that provides broad visibility across their environment and a means to easily manage both security and network operations.

The Fortinet Security Fabric solves these challenges with broad, integrated, and automated solutions that enable:

  • Security-driven Networking that secures and accelerates the network and user experience.

  • Zero-trust Network Access that identifies and secures users and devices both on and off network.

  • Dynamic Cloud Security that secures and controls cloud infrastructure and applications.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Security Operations that automatically prevents, detects, and responds to cyber threats.

Additionally, the Security Fabric can be readily extended across organizations that run diverse solutions through the Security Fabric ecosystem of seamless third-party integrations. The Security Fabric ecosystem helps minimize gaps in enterprise security architectures while maximizing security return on investment (ROI), and all under a single management console.

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Fortinet Security Fabric Enables Digital Innovation

The Fortinet Security Fabric is the leading broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity platform that enables customers to achieve their digital innovations outcomes while reducing complexity and risks.

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Security Fabric Benefits

Broad Visibility

Broad visibility of the entire digital attack surface

With organizational perimeters expanding as a result of DI transformations, the attack surface also expands. The Security Fabric addresses this challenge by providing end-to-end security and visibility across the network infrastructure. With the broadest range of high-performance security-driven networking solutions for data centers, branch offices, small business, and all major cloud providers, the Security Fabric protects every segment of the network.

All components are configured, managed, and monitored from a single, centralized management system. In addition to eliminating the silos associated with point product security infrastructures, the single interface for all security components reduces the training burden on lean staffs. The management system also facilitates zero-touch deployment of remote components, saving truck rolls and further reducing operating costs.

Integrated Breach Prevention

Integrated Security Architecture

With all components driven by the same FortiOS network operating system, the Security Fabric enables consistent configuration, policy management, and effortless, real-time communication across the security infrastructure. This minimizes threat detection and mitigation times, reduces security risks resulting from configuration errors and manual data compilation, and facilitates timely and accurate compliance audit response.

In addition to integrating Fortinet products and solutions, the Security Fabric includes prebuilt application programming interface (API) connections for more than 70 Fabric-Ready partners that ensure deep integration across all of the Security Fabric elements.

For security products that are not part of the Fabric-Ready Partner ecosystem, REST APIs and DevOps scripts make it easy and fast for customers to add them to the Security Fabric.

Automated Operations and Response

Automated Operations Orchestration, and Response

Enterprises average more than 30 point security products within their environments, resulting in multiple time-consuming security consoles, lack of transparency, and resource challenges to manage all of the tools, resulting in increased alert volumes. This becomes even more difficult as perimeters expand into the infrastructure as organizations undergo DI. The Security Fabric, instead, delivers a true single pane-of-glass experience across the wide breadth of integrated products, solutions, and ecosystem. This includes the ability to coordinate automated incident response and remediate threats detected anywhere across the extended network, along with continuous compliance and risk assessment. Ultimately, the Secuirty Fabric takes a holistic approach to simplifying operations, security, and compliance and enables faster decision and response.

Security Fabric At-A-Glance

network security

Network Security

Gain high-performance networking and security from the enterprise to branch. Fortinet Network Security enables complete visibility and provides automated threat protection across the entire attack surface.

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multi-cloud security

Multi-Cloud Security

Enable secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud. Fortinet Multi-Cloud Solutions provide the necessary visibility and control across a variety of cloud infrastructures. 

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multi-cloud security

Secure Access

There is no slowing the growth of network-connected wireless devices and mobile applications. Ensure secure application and device access and management without compromising performance.

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security operations

Security Operations

Deliver advanced threat intelligence to detect, prevent, and respond sophisticated malware. Fortinet Security Operations solutions also help achieve compliance and improve overall security awareness. 

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network operations

Fabric Management Center

Implement a security strategy that prioritizes automation-driven network operations to help prevent network breaches. Fortinet’s solution provides an integrated security architecture to unify siloed environments.

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endpoint protection

Endpoint and Device Protection

Ensure networks are secure from the latest threats with proactive endpoint protection. Fortinet provides the critical Internet of Things (IoT) and device security for visibility and control of all devices across the network.

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application security

Application Security

Protect frequently targeted business web applications. Fortinet’s Application Security Solution delivers a robust and integrated set of products to protect applications from advanced threats. 

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